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Abstract The malic enzyme from muscle mitochondria of the parasitic nematode Ascaris suum is a tetramer of 65 kDa monomers that catalyzes the oxidative decarboxylation of malate to pyruvate and CO 2 with NAD cofactor as oxidant. This malic enzyme is critical to the nematode for muscle function under anaerobic conditions. Unlike mammalian versions of the enzyme such as that found in rat liver, which require NADP as cofactor, the nematode version is an NAD-dependent enzyme. We report the crystalli...
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Results obtained from the Shuttle flight STS-32 flown in January 1990, and preliminary results from the most recent Shuttle flight, STS-31, flown in April 1990, are presented. Crystals grown in microgravity environment include Canavalin, isocitrate lyase, human serum albumin, and Anti-HPr Fab. It is concluded that about 20 percent of proteins flown exhibit better morphologies or better quality data than their earth-grown counterparts. About 40 percent do not yield crystals at all and the remaini...
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Abstract Recent advances in protein crystallography have significantly shortened the time and labor required to determine the three-dimensional structures of macromolecules once good crystals are available. Crystal growth has become a major bottleneck in further development of protein crystallography. Proteins and other biological macromolecules are notoriously difficult to crystallize. Even when usable crystals are obtained, the crystals of essentially all proteins and other biological macromol...
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Abstract The crystal structure of recombinant human interleukin-1β (IL-1β) has been determined at 2·0 A resolution and refined to a crystallographic R -factor of 0·19. Three heavy-atom derivatives were identified and used for multiple isomorphous replacement phasing. Interpretation of the resulting electron density map revealed a structure in which there are 12 antiparallel β-strands and no α-helix. The single 153-residue polypeptide chain is folded into a six-stranded β-barrel similar in archit...
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Abstract The gene for the fully processed form of human interleukin 1β was cloned from SK-hep-1 hepatoma cellular RNA and expressed at high levels in E. coli . The protein produced in E. coli . was purified to homogeneity by standard chromatographic methods, including adsorption and desorption from Procion Red Sepharose, sizing on a Superose 12 FPLC column, and anion exchange chromatography on QAE Sepharose. The result is a biologically active protein, rIL-1β, that migrates on two-dimensional ge...
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The gene for human interleukin-1β was cloned from SK-hep-1 hepatoma cellular RNA and expressed at high levels in Escherichia coli both as the naturally processed form (rIL-1β) and as a variant with an additional sequence of three amino acids on the N-terminus (rIL-1β+). Expressed protein was purified to homogeneity by a sequence of steps, which included low pH incubation, adsorption and desorption from Procion Red Sepharose, sizing on a Superose 12 fast-performance liquid chromatography (FPLC) c...