Graham J. Ray
University of California, Berkeley
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In this Letter, analysis of steady-state regulatory T (Treg) cell percentages from Il2ra enhancer deletion (EDEL) and wild-type (WT) mice revealed no differences between them (Extended Data Fig. 9d). This analysis included two mice whose genotypes were incorrectly assigned. Even after correction of the genotypes, no significant differences in Treg cell percentages were seen when data across experimental cohorts were averaged (as was done in Extended Data Fig. 9d). However, if we normalize the co...
#1Dimitre R. SimeonovH-Index: 13
#2Benjamin G. GowenH-Index: 7
Last.Alexander MarsonH-Index: 20
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The authors use tiled CRISPR activation for functional enhancer discovery across two autoimmunity risk loci, CD69 and IL2RA, and identify elements with features of stimulus-responsive enhancers, including an IL2RA enhancer that harbours a fine-mapped autoimmunity risk variant.
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La presente invention concerne des procedes et des compositions destines a ameliorer l'edition de l'ADN d'un genome. Par exemple, dans certains modes de realisation, la presente invention concerne un procede d'edition de l'ADN d'un genome d'une cellule eucaryote, le procede consistant a introduire dans une cellule eucaryote une composition comprenant : (a) une composition d'ADN non homologue linearise et (b) une composition ciblant le genome (comprenant une endonuclease editant le genome ou un a...
#1Dimitre R. Simeonov (UCSF: University of California, San Francisco)H-Index: 13
#2Benjamin G. Gowen (University of California, Berkeley)H-Index: 7
Last.Alexander Marson (UCSF: University of California, San Francisco)H-Index: 20
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The majority of genetic variants associated with common human diseases map to enhancers, non-coding elements that shape cell type-specific transcriptional programs and responses to specific extracellular cues1-3. In order to understand the mechanisms by which non-coding genetic variation contributes to disease, systematic mapping of functional enhancers and their biological contexts is required. Here, we develop an unbiased discovery platform that can identify enhancers for a target gene without...
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#2Graham J. Ray (University of California, Berkeley)H-Index: 4
Last.Jacob E. Corn (University of California, Berkeley)H-Index: 32
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CRISPR-Cas9 mediated gene editing has begun to revolutionize molecular biology, but editing efficiencies can vary greatly between reagents. The authors show that the addition of single-stranded non-homologous DNA stimulates gene disruption by favouring error-prone DNA repair.
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Last.Jacob E. CornH-Index: 32
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The efficiency of homology-directed genome editing with CRISPR-Cas9 is boosted through improved design of donor DNA.
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