Louis Klein
Publications 2
The Anthropocene calls for systemic change which requires much more than good ideas, stakeholder activism and self-organization. Successful change is managed in the form of a project. However, project management itself needs to learn to cope with the systemic complexity of the real world, especially with social complexity. Hence, this paper explores the paradox of reintroducing complexity within a discipline that has professionalized the reduction of complexity. Acknowledging the inevitability o...
The ecology of paradigms conceptualises an alternative perspective on culture. The focus is on practice and understands culture as the paradigmatic reference of a community of practice. This looks at procedures of self-observation and self-description as well as on the routines of meaning creation and sense making. The perspective brought forward is radical by focussing primarily on communities of practice. And it is amplified by the modern proliferation of roles carried out and played by the in...