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The article sums up contemporary use of operational research, modelling, and simulation (OR/MS) methods and approaches in the field of humanitarian and emergency logistic, based on the records in international research databases World of Science (WoS) and SCOPUS. In both databases were analysed more than 500 articles published in the period of 2014 until 2018. The keywords and content analysis with subsequent literary research was as a main research approach processed by the Python programming l...
Level of supply chain performance is highly influenced by capability of logistics infrastructure as well as created network of activities and services operating at global, national, and regional scales. Dynamic environment can significantly influence expected availability and real capability of logistics infrastructure. The article represents possible analytical approach to supply chain design and identification of factors influencing logistics performance. In addition, the paper deals with appl...
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Success of any current military operation is strongly related to the level of its logistic support and supply of all crucial resources such as water, food, spare parts, fuel etc. Some of these resources can be obtained from the local market, some from neighboring countries or just from the homeland. Increasing computing capacity and speed of CPU allow us to develop very sophisticated software for modelling and simulation of these logistics supply chains in order to find the best possible solutio...
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The article deals with application of Discrete Event Simulation in professional training which focuses on analysis, planning, management and decision making support during military operations characterized by high complexity, dynamics, large number of influencing factors and utilization of advanced technologies. One of the key areas of the planning process and subsequent implementation of the logistical support to deployed units, especially during the first phase of the operation, is the Recepti...
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This paper deals with cargo security and its optimization as a result of transport experiments. It also statistically evaluates these transport experiments with its emphasis on local extremes (accelerations) and compares the result of each day’s measurements. The article includes a model of cargo security on a medium size off-road T-810 6 × 6 truck, where the measured data was applied for logistics purposes. The completed transport experiment points to larger inertial forces during transport tha...
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The aim of this study was to describe quality changes of eight long-life foods (instant potato puree with milk, instant goulash soup, canned white-type cheese, pre-baked baguette, szeged goulash meal-ready-to-eat, canned chicken meat, pork pate and canned tuna fish) during three-month storage at 4 different temperatures (-18 °C, 5 °C, 23 °C and 40 °C). These temperatures were chosen to simulate various climatic conditions in which these foods could be used to ensure the boarding during crisis si...
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It is highly probable that the history will describe the first two decades after the Cold War as a period which was indeed very rich in significant social changes. In the Czech Republic, this epoch was considerably influenced by the change of the regime, the new principles on which the society started to function, as well as by a generally new, fresh orientation of the whole country. At the same time, the former Czechoslovakia was split into two independent states, the Czech Republic and the Slo...