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The planning process that determines how the actual customer demand is fulfilled is called demand fulfillment. The demand fulfillment process calculates the first promise date for customer orders and — thus — strongly influences the order lead-time and the on time delivery.1 In today’s competitive markets it is important to generate fast and reliable order promises in order to retain customers and increase market share. This holds particularly true in an e-business environment: Orders are entere...
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With a wealth of updated material, rewritten chapters and additional case studies, this fourth edition of a hugely important work gives a broad and up-to-date overview of the concepts underlying APS. Special emphasis is given to modeling supply chains and implementing APS successfully in industrial contexts. Whats more, readers understanding is enhanced by several case studies covering a wide range of industrial sectors. What makes this book so crucial is that Supply Chain Management, Enterprise...
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A milking apparatus is disclosed for automatically providing the appropriate amount of vacuum for purposes of milking a cow throughout the entire milking operation. The milking apparatus includes a fluid control valve system having a controller unit and a discharge valve in fluid communication with a collection jar. The controller unit is further adapted for communication with a source of vacuum, and the collection jar is adapted to be in communication with the cow such that the vacuum can draw ...
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A ceramic fiber mat attached to the interior wall or surface of a high temperature chamber or furnace or adapted to overlie an intermediate insulating member positioned between the mat and a furnace wall, the fibers in the mat lying in planes generally perpendicular to the wall, the mat constituting an improved insulation for the wall where the interior of the chamber or furnace will be operating at temperatures in excess of 1600 DEG F.