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OprF has a central role in Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence and thus provides a putative target for either vaccines or antibiotic cofactors that could overcome the bacterium’s natural resistance to antibiotics. Here we describe a procedure to optimize the production of highly pure and functional OprF porins that are then incorporated into a tethered lipid bilayer. This is a stable biomimetic system that provides the capability to investigate structural aspects and function of OprF using and neut...
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A simple way to form an interpenetrating hydrogel (IPH) by combining a layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte membrane with agarose is reported. The formed IPH membrane is more robust and easily manipulated compared to a polyelectrolyte membrane with the same number of layers. The IPH has good diffusion characteristics and retains the advantageous surface charge from the polyectrolyte composition that facilitates the adsorption of a stable lipid bilayer. The stable adsorption of a lipid bilayer on the I...
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MADS-box transcription factors play crucial roles in organ and cell differentiation in organisms ranging from yeast to humans. Most of the work on plant MADS-box proteins focused on their roles in floral development whereas less information is available on their function in fruit maturation. We cloned three distinct tomato cDNAs using a RT-PCR approach, encoding LeMADS1, LeMADS5 and LeMADS6 factors and whose mRNAs mostly accumulate in tomato flowers and fruits. Phylogeny analysis indicates that ...
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*† ‡ SUMMARY The role of a subfamily of lipid globule-associated proteins, referred to as plant fibrillins (FIB1a, -1b, -2), was determined using a RNA interference (RNAi) strategy. We show that Arabidopsis plants with reduced levels of these plastid structural proteins are impaired in long-term acclimation to environmental constraint, namely photooxidative stress imposed by high light combined with cold. As a result, their photosynthetic apparatus is inefficiently protected. This leads to the p...
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The protein termed fibrillin is involved in the formation of lipoprotein structures, such as plastoglobules and fibrils in certain chromoplast types, which have been implicated in the over-production of pigments due to a sink effect. In order to examine its effect in differentiating chromoplasts of a non-fibrillar type, the pepper fibrillin gene was expressed in tomato fruit. Both the transcript and protein were found to accumulate during tomato fruit ripening from an early mature green stage. H...
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