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Surgeons and patients seeking improved treatment often forget that a new technique is not necessarily a better one
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Brian J Ford Thames and Hudson, £6.95, pp 120 ISBN 0 500 28075 4 ![][1] Rating: ![Graphic][2] ![Graphic][3] ![Graphic][4] Had it appeared earlier, this monograph on the future of food—one of a series entitled “Prospects for Tomorrow”—would have evoked little interest. However, in the space of a year, fuelled by publicity surrounding genetically modified foods and genetic predisposition to human disease, accounts of food-related health benefits and risks have reached unprecedented levels of visib...
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The international AIDS conference held in Durban earlier this year made the world aware of the global HIV catastrophe and of the need to prevent vertical transmission from mother to child. The fact that women are vulnerable to HIV infection in the first place must be of equal concern. Like women elsewhere, African women are stultified by circumstances largely beyond their control. These include sexually transmitted infections, sometimes associated with “dry sex” practices, and myths touting sex ...
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During the next decade diseases requiring medical intervention will be much the same as those being treated today. The site of care may, however, be moved away from the community general hospital to a non-hospital site or to a higher order or specialty hospital at a distance. With the applications of technological advances, procedures that once were performed in hospitals are now done in free standing facilities, accelerating a trend that began in the United States in the 1980s with the introduc...
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Sensors are devices that detect physical, chemical, and biological signals and provide a way for those signals to be measured and recorded.1 Physical properties that can be sensed include temperature, pressure, vibration, sound level, light intensity, load or weight, flow rate of gases and liquids, amplitude of magnetic and electronic fields, and concentrations of many substances in gaseous, liquid, or solid form Although sensors of today are where computers were in 1970 medical applications of ...
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EDITOR,—Richard Smith's comments about the Independent show a complete misunderstanding of national newspapers, their audience, and their purpose.1 It is absurd to apply the sort of critical appraisal used for papers published in medical journals to our news coverage. The Independent addresses an informed, intelligent, lay readership. We provide clear, unbiased coverage that is accessible to all. In reporting the results of research our priority is to take the most interesting and relevant point...
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