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This paper identifies and analyzes barriers startups encounter when following the Lean Startup approach, i.e. the Customer Development process during the initial phase of identifying and validating a business model. In an action research setting, we mentored and interviewed eleven startups enrolled in a business development program called “Born Global” running 7-10 months. For the barrier prior experience, entrepreneurs who had previously encountered failure, had a long period of unsuccessful wo...
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This paper presents an analysis of the causal relationship between diversification of technology, products and markets on the one side and growth on the other. The analysis is based on a comparison of 57 large technology based firms in Europe, USA and Japan over an 11 year period between 1980 and 1990. Based on this analysis a classification of strategic diversification behaviour is made and it is shown that technology–based business extenders were the real winners in terms of growth. With this ...
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CBI har under andra halvaret 2010 och forsta halvaret 2011 genomfort en studie av innovationsledning hos 38 utvalda svenska foretag inom tillverkning, IT och Telekom. Syftet var att undersoka hur foretagen leder och organiserar innovation samt vilka utmaningar de star infor. Fragorna har besvarats av antingen VD eller en medlem i ledningsgruppen med insyn i foretagets hantering av innovation. Resultatet visar att - de flesta foretagen inte skiljer pa radikal och inkrementell innovation - i manga...
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This paper develops a model of entrepreneurial learning in order to explain how VCs support the process of entrepreneurial learning and thereby add value to their ventures. We draw on two generic approaches to learning, termed the hypothesis-testing mode and the hermeneutic mode, which turn out to be closely interrelated in such learning processes. The resulting model comprises four categories, which focus on what entrepreneurs learn and how it is learnt: experimentation, evaluation, unreflectiv...
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This paper surveys the current state of the art concerning the management and economic impact of geographically decentralized research and development (R&D) in multinational companies (MNCs). This line of research has recently begun to attract renewed interest, in reflection of not only critical new trends regarding the nature and conditions of technological change but also significant developments in the realm of economic and managerial theory. The aim of this paper is, first, to outline the em...
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List of contributors preface list of abbreviations. Part 1: Introduction and overview. Part 2: Multinational enterprises and the globalization of innovatory capacity. Part 3: Large firms in the production of the world's technology - an important case of "non-globalization". Part 4: The internationalization of technological activity and its implications for competitiveness. Part 5: Locational determinants of foreign R&D in Swedish multinationals. Part 6: Business culture and international technol...
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This paper describes how large, typically multi-technology corporations build up and exploit their technological capability by purchasing small, technology-based firms in order to acquire their technology. The frequency, possible causes and economic effects of this phenomenon are elaborated, based on empirical studies of Swedish industry. A new mechanism for trading technology through the trading of small firms among large firms is proposed.
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#1Ove Granstrand (Chalmers University of Technology)H-Index: 20
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Abstract This paper introduces the concept of a multi-technology corporation (MTC) and elaborates upon some critical problems in managing innovation in such a context. A model that may aid in conceptualizing various technology strategies is presented. Two generic management of technology problems, technology transition and technology transfer, are presented and analysed. Two empirical case illustrations are given. One case analyzes how the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson managed its ...
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The purpose of this paper is to elaborate upon some strategic technology management issues which have been identified in interviews with top technology managers in 14 major, technology-based Japanes corporations. The study is part of a larger research project comparing best management practices regarding R&D, technology and innovation in companies in Japan, USA and Europe.
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