H G P E Cameron Wright
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Carefully chosen demonstrations and hands-on exercises of digital signal processing (DSP) concepts can result in improved comprehension and better retention of topics for the majority of our students. This is especially true when the instructor has limited time to present a specific topic. In this paper, we describe the in-class use of a demonstration using real-time DSP to implement a basic adaptive filter for noise cancellation, utilizing newly-available DSP hardware from Texas Instruments. We...
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In our never-ending quest to find ways to interest and motivate our students, we have recently found something new for our “bag of teaching tricks.” Ultrasonic signals present a unique andragogical opportunity in any course where signal processing theory and techniques are taught. The authors have recorded (or obtained) a number of naturally occurring ultrasonic signals (e.g., bat echolocation sounds and dolphin whistles) as well as artificially generated ultrasonic signals (e.g., output from a ...