I.M.J. van den Beld
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#2Brigitte Guillaumont ('IFREMER': IFREMER)H-Index: 8
Last. Anthony Grehan (National University of Ireland, Galway)H-Index: 23
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Abstract Cold-water corals (CWC) can form complex structures which provide refuge, nursery grounds and physical support for a diversity of other living organisms. However, irrespectively from such ecological significance, CWCs are still vulnerable to human pressures such as fishing, pollution, ocean acidification and global warming Providing coherent and representative conservation of vulnerable marine ecosystems including CWCs is one of the aims of the Marine Protected Areas networks being impl...
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#1Sophie Arnaud-Haond ('IFREMER': IFREMER)H-Index: 32
#2I.M.J. van den Beld ('IFREMER': IFREMER)H-Index: 3
Last. Jean-François Bourillet ('IFREMER': IFREMER)H-Index: 25
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Abstract The scleractinian coral Lophelia pertusa has been the focus of deep-sea research since the recognition of the vast extent of coral reefs in North Atlantic waters two decades ago, long after their existence was mentioned by fishermen. These reefs where shown to provide habitat, concentrate biomass and act as feeding or nursery grounds for many species, including those targeted by commercial fisheries. Thus, the attention given to this cold-water coral (CWC) species from researchers and t...
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