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With a view toward creating a national Early Detection and Rapid Response Program (EDRR) program, the United States National Invasive Species Council Management Plan for 2016–2018 calls for a series of assessments of federal EDRR capacities, including the evaluation of “relevant federal information systems to provide the data and other information necessary for risk analyses/horizon scanning, rapid specimen identification, and rapid response planning.” This paper is a response to that directive....
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The synonyms of biological species names are shown to be an important component in comprehensive searches of electronic scientific literature databases but they are not well leveraged within the major literature databases examined. For accepted or valid species names in the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) which have synonyms in the system, and which are found in citations within PLoS, PMC, PubMed or Scopus, both the percentage of species for which citations will not be found if sy...
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Summary. Recent biodiversity surveys in the Cayman Islands have generated several new records for the reasonably be attributed to recent introduction. Exotics not clearly spreading, but known to be weedy elsewhere, were often seen in planted lawns and in landscape situations. Notable among these were Hydrocotyle umbellata L. and Polypremum procumbens L. found apparently as accidental introductions in recent landscaping at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and several large fruiting specimens o...
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