Vishvabandhu Gotherwal
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In vitiligo, chronic loss of melanocytes and consequent absence of melanin from the epidermis presents a challenge for long-term tissue maintenance. The stable vitiligo patches are known to attain an irreversible depigmented state. However, the molecular and cellular processes resulting in this remodeled tissue homeostasis is unclear. To investigate the complex interplay of inductive signals and cell intrinsic factors that support the new acquired state, we compared the matched lesional and non-...
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Topical delivery of nucleic acids to skin has huge prospects in developing therapeutic interventions for cutaneous disorders. In spite of initial success, clinical translation is vastly impeded by the constraints of bioavailability as well as stability in metabolically active environment of skin. Various physical and chemical methods used to overcome these limitations involve invasive procedures or compounds that compromise skin integrity. Hence, there is an increasing demand for developing safe...
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Melanin and related polydopamine hold great promise; however, restricted fine-tunabilility limits their usefulness in biocompatible applications. In the present study, by taking a biomimetic approach, we synthesize peptide-derived melanin with a range of physicochemical properties. Characterization of these melanin polymers indicates that they exist as nanorange materials with distinct size distribution, shapes, and surface charges. These variants demonstrate similar absorption spectra but have ...
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