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Abstract:Iloperidone (ILO) is an anti-psychotic, used in schizophrenia. It has low bioavailability (36%) due to low solubility and first pass effect. Oral solid self microemulsifying drug delivery ...
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BACKGROUND: Zotepine (ZT) is a substituted dibenzothiepine tricyclic molecule and second generation antipsychotic drug. It is available as parenteral and oral solid dosage form. But, orally administered ZT has a poor oral bioavailability (10%) might be due to either poor water solubility, high liphophilicity (Log P 4) and also first-pass hepatic metabolism. OBJECTIVE: The oral bioavailability of ZT was improved by loading into a nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) system. METHODS: Hot homogeniz...
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Ketoprofen is a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug and famotidine is a H2 receptor antagonist. The patients with immune mediated diseases like rheumatoid and osteo arthritis treated with ketoprofen, which induces ulcers in the stomach by the stimulation of H2 receptor and inhibition of COX-I enzyme. Upon the addition of famotidine suppress the acid secretion in the stomach, this mechanism was implemented by the delivery system at different time periods with different site specificity in the GI...
Ulcer is one of the most common evaluated diseases caused by many reasons like, H. pylori bacteria infection, over secretion of acid levels in the stomach, irregular formation of mucosa and some of the NSAIDs treatment. Famotidine is a H2 receptor antagonist, used to reduce the gastric acid secretion in the stomach. The aim of the present investigation was the development and evaluation of famotidine multi-unit tablet encapsulated system to treat upper gastro intestinal ulcers. The drug release ...
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