Lavanya M Iyer
University of Göttingen
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Abstract Background The combination of cardiomyocyte (CM) and vascular cell (VC) fetal reprogramming upon stress culminates in end-stage heart failure (HF) by mechanisms that are not fully understood. Previous studies suggest KLF15 as a key regulator of CM hypertrophy. Objectives This study aimed to characterize the impact of KLF15-dependent cardiac transcriptional networks leading to HF progression, amenable to therapeutic intervention in the adult heart. Methods Transcriptomic bioinformatics, ...
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Abstract Cardiomyocyte and stroma cell cross-talk is essential for the formation of collagen-based engineered heart muscle, including engineered human myocardium (EHM). Fibroblasts are a main component of the myocardial stroma. We hypothesize that fibroblasts, by compacting the surrounding collagen network, support the self-organization of cardiomyocytes into a functional syncytium. With a focus on early self-organization processes in EHM, we studied the molecular and biophysical adaptations med...
Introduction: Available pharmacological treatments for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) delay, but do not prevent the onset of heart failure (HF). To succeed with novel interventions preventing HF, it is essential to identify stage-specific mechanisms involved in the transition to maladaptive heart remodeling. Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) are increasingly recognized factors in understanding the pathogenesis and severity of CVD. Hypothesis: IGFBP5 is a novel cardiac- and dise...
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#2Lavanya M IyerH-Index: 1
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Background & Aim: Developmentally conserved pathways, such as the Wnt/β-catenin pathway, are upregulated in adult heart diseases. Here, we aimed to elucidate the role of Wnt regulation via KLF15 for adult heart homeostasis. Results: We identified the transcription factor KLF15, a factor previously identified to contribute to cardiac fibrosis and hypertrophy, as a cardiac specific Wnt/β-catenin inhibitor. Accordingly, a constitutive Klf15 KO mouse model revealed specific cardiac upregulation of t...