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This text was prepared for presentation in Nagoya, Japan, in 2010. Its aim was to explore a dialogue with Asians toward a cosmopolitan sociology. Beginning from the idea of entangled modernities which threaten their own foundations, Ulrich Beck advocated a complete conceptual innovation of sociology in order to better comprehend the fundamental fragility and mutability of societal dynamics shaped by the globalization of capital and risks today. More specifically, he proposed a cosmopolitan turn ...
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Dans ce texte synthetique reprenant deux courts chapitres publies en allemand en 1995, Ulrich Beck presente quelques-uns des concepts essentiels sur lesquels il appuie sa lecture de la societe contemporaine et, en particulier, la notion de « modernisation reflexive », qu'il partage avec Anthony Giddens. Selon Beck, les trente dernieres annees ont ete marquees par un processus continu de detraditionalisation. Avec ce processus, plusieurs des clefs de voute de la societe industrielle se sont disso...
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* Foreword * Preface * Introduction, Evidence, Theory * Chapter I Why metamorphosis of the world, why not transformation? * Chapter II Being God * Chapter III How climate change might save the world * Chapter IV Theorising metamorphosis * Themes * Chapter V From class to risk-class: Inequality in times of metamorphosis * Chapter VI Where does the power go? Politics of invisibility * Chapter VII Emancipatory catastrophism: Common goods as side effects of bads * Chapter VIII Public bads: Politics ...
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Subnational socio-economic datasets are required if we are to assess the impacts of global environmental changes and to improve adaptation responses. Institutional and community efforts should concentrate on standardization of data collection methodologies, free public access, and geo-referencing.
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