Tina Saebi
Norwegian School of Economics
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The past decade has witnessed a surge of research interest in social entrepreneurship (SE). This has resulted in important insights concerning the role of SE in fostering inclusive growth and institutional change. However, the rapid growth of SE research, the emerging nature of the literature, and the fact that SE builds on different disciplines and fields (e.g., entrepreneurship, sociology, economics, ethics) have led to a rather fragmented literature without dominant frameworks. This situation...
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#1Tina Saebi (NHH: Norwegian School of Economics)H-Index: 7
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Business models change as managers not only innovate business models, but also engage in more mundane adaptation in response to external changes, such as changes in the level or composition of demand. However, little is known about what causes such business model adaptation. We employ threat-rigidity as well as prospect theory to examine business model adaptation in response to external threats and opportunities. Additionally, drawing on the behavioural theory of the firm, we argue that the past...
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#1Nicolai J. Foss (Bocconi University)H-Index: 5
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Abstract While research on business models and business model innovation continue to exhibit growth, the field is still, even after more than two decades of research, characterized by a striking lack of cumulative theorizing and an opportunistic borrowing of more or less related ideas from neighbouring fields in the place of cumulative theory. We argue that the lack of cumulativeness stems from lack of construct clarity (i.e., BM and BMI are seldom defined with much precision) and lack of agreem...
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#1Nicolai Juul Foss (Bocconi University)H-Index: 72
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Over the last 15 years, business model innovation (BMI) has gained an increasing amount of attention in management research and among practitioners. The emerging BMI literature addresses an important phenomenon but lacks theoretical underpinning, and empirical inquiry is not cumulative. Thus, a concerted research effort seems warranted. Accordingly, we take stock of the extant literature on BMI. We identify and analyze 150 peer-reviewed scholarly articles on BMI published between 2000 and 2015. ...
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#1Tina Saebi (NHH: Norwegian School of Economics)H-Index: 7
#2Nicolai Juul Foss (NHH: Norwegian School of Economics)H-Index: 72
Research on open innovation suggests that companies benefit differentially from adopting open innovation strategies; however, it is unclear why this is so. One possible explanation is that companies’ business models are not attuned to open strategies. Accordingly, we propose a contingency model of open business models by systematically linking open innovation strategies to core business model dimensions, notably the content, structure, governance of transactions. We further illustrate a continuu...
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1. Business Models and Business Model Innovation: Bringing Organization into the Discussion 2. Business Model Innovation and Organizational Design: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective 3. Towards a Theory of Business Model Change 4. A Corporate View of Business Model Innovations 5. Management Models and Business Models 6. Business Model Innovation: The Role of Leadership 7. How Established Firms Exploit Disruptive Business Model Innovation: Strategic and Organizational Challenges 8. Evolution, Ada...
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