Hagar Hanuka
University of Haifa
Normative social influenceSupervisorBig Five personality traitsOrganizational cultureSocial psychology
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#1Michal Biron (University of Haifa)H-Index: 15
#2Hagar Hanuka (University of Haifa)H-Index: 1
ABSTRACTResearch on gender differences in the effects of non-cognitive traits and behaviours on pay is rather scant and focuses largely on the big five personality traits. To address this gap, we consider the equivocal findings regarding the direct associations of intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, and networking with pay, arguing for gender differences in the degree to which actual pay and pay expectations are influenced by these non-cognitive factors. Hypotheses are tested using a sample of ...
#1Michal Biron (Tilburg University)H-Index: 15
#2Hagar Hanuka (University of Haifa)H-Index: 1
We study knowledge continuity (KC): passing knowledge from departing employees to their successors.We examine the role of org. knowledge management (KM) culture, and supervisors' KM behavior in KC.We consider both the departing employee's and the successor's points of view.We develop and validate a scale for measuring KC.We find and discuss the duality of responses to a work environment that supports KC. This study attempts to identify factors influencing knowledge continuity (KC), the passing o...
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