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China Medical University (PRC)
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#1Chao Wang (Beijing University of Technology)H-Index: 5
#2Ming Lim (Chongqing University)H-Index: 39
Last. Benjamin Lev (Drexel University)H-Index: 15
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Abstract The aim of this study is to reflect on where Omega-The International Journal of Management Science (Omega) comes from and evaluate where Omega currently is in a field that arguably paves the way for the challenging task of identifying future directions and trends. To achieve this goal, this study presents a bibliometric overview of Omega over the past 40 years, from 1979 to 2018. First, this study outlines the basic bibliometric profile of Omega. Second, VOSviewer is employed to visuali...
#1Yeneneh Tamirat Negash (AU: Asia University (Taiwan))
#2Jessica Kartika (AU: Asia University (Taiwan))
Last. Kim Hua Tan (University of Nottingham)H-Index: 23
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Abstract A gap remains due to the intangible and qualitative criteria used to measure product quality for supplier evaluation and selection. Improving product quality is a crucial strategy for achieving reduce, reuse, recycle, and recovery. Quality characteristics are described as functional relationships (called profiles), and with the advancements in measurement technology, high dimensional data are collected. Nonetheless, prior studies have not addressed sustainable supplier selection where a...
#1Jun-Gang Zhou (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)
#2Ling-Ling Li (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)H-Index: 5
Last. Guo-Qian Lin (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)H-Index: 1
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Abstract The traditional assessment method of system reliability is based on unit reliability and probability theory, but the rationale behind this method of assessment does not consider resources and economy. Unit reliability tests tend to consume resources and economy, and consequently, reliability assessment of large systems tends to consume a large amount of resources and economy. Taking the series system and parallel system as examples, this study proves that the traditional assessment meth...
#1Feng Ming Tsai (NTOU: National Taiwan Ocean University)H-Index: 1
#2Tat-Dat Bui (AU: Asia University (Taiwan))
Last. Anthony Sf. Chiu (DLSU: De La Salle University)H-Index: 7
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Abstract This study aims to explore integrated solid waste management hierarchical interrelationships using a sustainable balance scorecard approach. The proposed analysis using the fuzzy Delphi method to exclude invalid attributes, interpretive structural modeling to arrange attributes into an extensive hierarchical model, and using a fuzzy decision-making trial-and-evaluation laboratory to examine the causal interrelationships among attributes. The solid waste management systems in Vietnam are...
#1Li-Ting Yeh (FCU: Feng Chia University)
#2Ming-Lang Tseng (China Medical University (Taiwan))H-Index: 36
Last. Ming Lim (Coventry University)H-Index: 39
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Abstract Many studies have documented that human capital, which is a result of professional knowledge accumulation, continuously improves sustainability performance over time. Organizational forgetting is the loss of such professional knowledge, and it results in lower sustainability performance. Thus, human capital and organizational forgetting can be respectively treated as good and bad carry-overs. Both human capital and organizational forgetting may reflect business cycle fluctuations. The d...
#1Qing-Zhou Wang (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)
#2Jia-Meng Chen (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)
Last. Mohd Helmi Ali (UKM: National University of Malaysia)H-Index: 6
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Abstract This study proposes an approach for dynamically calculating multimodal transport line parameters based on a "Witness" software simulation. The approach is designed to reduce the carbon emissions of multimodal transport, as green transportation has recently received increased attention. A multi-objective multimodal transport efficiency evaluation framework is combined with an order relation analysis and an entropy-weight fuzzy analytical hierarchy process method to assess route performan...
#1Tat Dat Bui (NTOU: National Taiwan Ocean University)H-Index: 1
#2Feng Ming Tsai (NTOU: National Taiwan Ocean University)H-Index: 1
Last. Moh D.Helmi AliH-Index: 1
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Abstract Solid waste management leads to resource loss and limited waste management approaches. Nevertheless, solid waste management must be studied in terms of sustainability by both academicians and practitioners. There are barriers to understanding and challenges to maintaining sustainable solid waste management practices. Hence, this study collects a set of attributes, including seven aspects and 146 barriers, from the existing literature. The barriers are the cause of poor sustainable solid...
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#1Ming-Lang Tseng (AU: Asia University (Taiwan))H-Index: 36
#2Anthony S.F. Chiu (DLSU: De La Salle University)H-Index: 27
Last. Tatre Jantaralolica (Thammasat University)
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Abstract Circular economy system come from resource regeneration, and must optimize resource and environmental sustainability within the closed-loop system in the supply chains. Prior circular economy studies are neglecting the multi-loop supply chain system activities that broaden the economic benefits and rarely link the activities to economic benefits, especially mostly dealt with optimization of resource use by minimizing waste, emissions, energy leakage, and resource input. This study point...
#1Qing-Zhou Wang (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)
#2Nan-Nan Wang (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)
Last. Ning-Li Li (HEBUT: Hebei University of Technology)
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Abstract The rapid growth in automobile production in China during the past few decades has caused numerous tires to be scrapped, and their disposal has become a significant challenge. This study proposes a Triple Exponential Smoothing prediction model to predict the supply of waste tires in 2019–2023, and the demand for these tires in three road construction scenarios. In addition, performance analysis is conducted to evaluate the carbon emissions produced in the production process of crumb rub...