Paula Holmes-Eber
University of Washington
Cultural diversitySociologyLanguage surveyPolitical structurePopulation
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ABSTRACTDrawing upon ethnographic data gathered over a six year period, this paper illustrates how the contrasting worldviews of US Marines and anthropologists frequently led to misunderstandings, ...
#1Paula Holmes-Eber (UW: University of Washington)
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Cross-cultural competence not only emphasizes building specific skill sets such as language proficiency or negotiation skills, but also on changing the military's attitudes to other cultures by emphasizing the value and importance of cultural skills for successful military operations. In contrast to developing cultural skills, the task of shifting cultural attitudes is a far more complex process. Using empirical data from a survey of 2,406 Marines, this paper seeks to identify some of the social...
#1Paula Holmes-Eber (UW: University of Washington)
Cultural differences between the military and civilians can result in a wide range of problems ranging from minor issues causing daily friction to life threatening problems. Cultural challenges not only affect interactions with the local population, however, but also cause problems in working with international civilian partners in the area. This chapter provides the soldier with concrete guidance on how to recognize and respond appropriately to cultural differences before they become detrimenta...
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