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Since the end of the 1918 pandemic the world has faced three more influenza pandemics, the most recent being the 2009 H1N1 pandemic which infected 2 billion people in 6 months. Additionally, we face an ever increasing frequency of emerging infectious diseases with pandemic potential. These diseases could kill millions, cost billions, and have other significant economic, social, national security, and political consequences. If the United States and international system do not make progress towar...
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Chapter 1: A Tale of North and South Chapter 2: First and Second Periods of Modern Sudanese History (1821-1898) Chapter 3: The Third Period of Modern Sudan (1898-1956) - The Anglo-Egyptian Condominium Chapter 4: Fourth Period of Modern Sudan (1956-2005) - Independent Sudan Chapter 5: The Fourth Period Continued - The Second Rebellion and the Turabist State Chapter 6: The Bashir-Turabi Coup of 1989, the Rise and Fall of Hassan al-Turabi, and U.S. Policy towards Sudan Chapter 7: The three wars of ...
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