M. Di Gennaro
University of Bari
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SUMMARY RIASSUNTO In this paper the results of a systematic investigation into university students’ misunderstandings of d.c. simple circuit operations are reported. These results provide evidence of various misconceptions present before and after the teaching at university level of the topics on d.c. circuits: a battery as a source of constant current; the wrong interpretation of the junctional relation expressed by Ohm's law; power dissipated; resistors in parallel. In conclusion, a brief comm...
SUMMARY RIASSUNTO A written questionnaire was submitted to two samples of sophomore students mainly from the Faculty of Engineering at Ban University (Southern Italy). The eight problems proposed in the questionnaire concerned the functioning of simple d.c. circuits. Analysis of the results shows the presence of a common misunderstanding (sequential reasoning) based on a ‘local’ interpretation of the current flow (i.e. the current value at a given position is not influenced by the passive elemen...
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The results obtained in two experimental studies performed during two academic years at the Science Faculty of Bari University (Southern Italy) are reported. In these two investigations the aims were: (i) to probe the students' understanding of the concept of velocity and to detect the reasoning adopted in solving the written problems proposed; (ii) to investigate the effect of the nature of the problems on the student samples (freshmen or sophomores) and the incidence of formal teaching of the ...
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We report a systematic investigation into the relationship between proportional logic and typical Piagetian formal schemata (control of variables, and proportions) for a group of students in the informatics department of a university. The analysis of results suggests that a unitary structure exists in the mastery of hypothesis testing logic, standard proportional logic and formal schemata.
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In this study, the mastery of the hypothesis testing (HT) skill and its relationship with the control‐of‐variables (CV) formal schema are investigated. A paper‐and‐pencil test, consisting of 4 items on the CV and 2 items on the ht, was administered to a sample of 144 high school students (from grades 9 to 13) majoring in science in a region in southern Italy. Students of this sample experienced more difficulties in ht logic than in the CV formal schema. The detailed analysis of the answers given...