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This cross-sectional study investigated the association of physical fitness with cognitive function, functional capacity and quality of life among institutionalized older adults with dementia. One hundred and two older adults aged 78.0 ± 8.4 years, predominantly female (67.6%), with neurocognitive disorder due to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) (49.2%), vascular dementia (14.7%), Parkinson’s disease (2%), dementia with Lewy bodies (2%) or unspecified dementia (32.1%) participated in the present study. ...
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A importância da prevencao primaria da obesidade infantil atraves da promocao da atividade fisica (AF) tornou-se indiscutivel. O presente estudo teve como objetivo revisar o efeito de programas de AF na composicao corporal e aptidao cardiorrespiratoria (ApC) em criancas com sobrepeso e obesidade. A pesquisa de bases de dados eletronicas on-line foi realizada no PubMed , Scopus , EBSCO e SPORTDiscus . As estrategias de Saude Publica com vista a prevencao/ tratamento da obesidade infantil tem cent...
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AbstractPurpose: People with schizophrenia have low physical activity levels that can be explained by the restriction in motivation. The Behavioural Regulation in Exercise Questionnaire-2 is a 19-item scale commonly used to assess five different motivational subtypes for physical activity. However, there are limited psychometric analyses of this version in the schizophrenia context. Moreover, there is a lack of information related to the psychometric properties of version 3 of this questionnaire...
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Abstract In people with schizophrenia several factors are associated with poor quality of life (QoL), namely, lifestyle-related factors and psychological factors. However, there has been little research on the impact of these factors on QoL. Therefore, the relation between lifestyle-related factors, psychological factors, and QoL in people with schizophrenia was assessed. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 115 patients (25% women, 50% inpatients). QoL was measured by World Health Organi...
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The current study aimed to examine the reliability of the conventional and functional ratios derived from peak torques (PTs) and those obtained from the combination of knee flexors torque at the angle of knee extensors PT. Twenty-six male athletes (mean of 24.0±0.7 years) from different sports completed a test-to-test variation in isokinetic strength (Biodex, System 3) within a period of one week. Anthropometry and body composition assessed by Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry were also measured....
#1Raquel Costa (University of Porto)H-Index: 14
#2Tânia Bastos (University of Porto)H-Index: 4
Last. Rui Corredeira (University of Porto)H-Index: 6
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Aim: Being physically active is a complex behaviour in patients with schizophrenia. Several factors were identified as barriers to achieving active behaviours in this population. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate among a number of barriers what predicts the most on physical activity (PA) in patients with schizophrenia.Methods: A total of 114 patients (28♀) with schizophrenia were included. Body mass index (BMI) was calculated. Autonomous and controlled motivation (Behaviour...
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There is a rapid growing body of knowledge regarding physical aspects of a football match due to studies using computer-assisted motion analysis. The present study used time-motion analysis and triaxial-accelerometers to obtain new insights about differences in physical profiles of elite football players across playing-positions. Player performance data in 23 official home matches from a professional football club, during two seasons were collected for analysis. Eighteen players from five differ...
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