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Nadja Dabbagh
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Published on Jan 1, 2017in Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 2.54
Nadja Dabbagh2
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Angelika Preisfeld2
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A comparative analysis of the chloroplast genome of Euglena mutabilis underlined a high diversity in the evolution of plastids in euglenids. Gene clusters in more derived Euglenales increased in complexity with only a few, but remarkable changes in the genus Euglena. Euglena mutabilis differed from other Euglena species in a mirror-inverted arrangement of 12 from 15 identified clusters, making it very likely that the emergence at the base of the genus Euglena, which has been considered a long br...
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Published on Aug 25, 2017in PeerJ 2.12
Nadja Dabbagh2
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Matthew S. Bennett11
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(Michigan State University)
+ 1 AuthorsAngelika Preisfeld2
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BACKGROUND:Over the last few years multiple studies have been published showing a great diversity in size of chloroplast genomes (cpGenomes), and in the arrangement of gene clusters, in the Euglenales. However, while these genomes provided important insights into the evolution of cpGenomes across the Euglenales and within their genera, only two genomes were analyzed in regard to genomic variability between and within Euglenales and Eutreptiales. To better understand the dynamics of chloroplast g...
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