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CONTEXT: Testicular growth represents the best clinical variable to evaluate male puberty, but current pediatric hormone references are based on chronological age and subjective assessments of discrete puberty development stages. Determination of testicular volume (TV) by ultrasound provides a novel approach to assess puberty progression and stratify hormone reference intervals. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this article is to establish references for serum testosterone and key hormones of the mal...
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Importance Checklists have been shown to improve patient outcomes in surgery. The intraoperatively used World Health Organization surgical safety checklist (WHO SSC) is now mandatory in many countries. The only evidenced checklist to address preoperative and postoperative care is the Surgical Patient Safety System (SURPASS), which has been found to be effective in improving patient outcomes. To date, the WHO SSC and SURPASS have not been studied jointly within the perioperative pathway. Objectiv...
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Abstract Predicting physical activity in a national cohort of children born extremely preterm. Objectives To compare physical activity among school-aged children born extremely preterm or with extremely low birthweight (EP/ELBW) to term-born children, and to identify early predictors for physical inactivity in the EP/ELBW-children. Methods A national cohort born during 1999–2000 at gestational age Results Information was obtained from 231/372 EP/ELBW and 57/61 term-born children. At 11 years, EP...
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Rare sequence variants in the non-coding part of the BRCA genes are often reported as variants of uncertain significance (VUS), which leave patients and doctors in a challenging position. The aim of this study was to determine the pathogenicity of the BRCA1 c.5407-25T>A variant found in 20 families from Norway, France and United States with suspected hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. This was done by combining clinical and family information with allele frequency data, and assessment of the ...
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Hemorrhagic petechiae in the conjunctiva and the skin have been related to type of suspension and body height of the victims of hangings. In 265 cases of hanging, we retrospectively examined whether petechiae relate to type of suspension, body weight and height, body mass index (BMI), age, sex, type and thickness of the ligature, and blood alcohol content. The type of suspension was divided into completely suspended, incompletely suspended, and found with feet touching the ground. There was no s...
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Last. Pétur B. Júlíusson (University of Bergen)H-Index: 20
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CONTEXT: Discriminating adipose and glandular tissue is challenging when clinically assessing breast development. Ultrasound facilitates staging of pubertal breast maturation (US B), but has not been systematically compared to Tanner breast staging (B), and no normative data have been reported. OBJECTIVE: To present normative references for US B along with references for Tanner B, pubic hair (PH) and menarche. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS: A cross-sectional sample of 703 healthy girls aged 6...
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Limited information exists regarding the natural development of loneliness and its determinants among cognitively intact nursing home residents. We aimed to examine loneliness among nursing home re...
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Studies indicate that stathmin expression associates with PI3K activation in breast cancer, suggesting stathmin as a marker for targetable patient subgroups. Here we assessed stathmin in relation to tumour proliferation, vascular and immune responses, BRCA1 germline status, basal-like differentiation, clinico-pathologic features, and survival. Immunohistochemical staining was performed on breast cancers from two series (cohort 1, n = 187; cohort 2, n = 198), and mass spectrometry data from 24 ca...
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Background: Survival of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients has improved, but mainly for trial patients. New predictive and prognostic biomarkers validated in the general mCRC population are needed. Caudal-type homeobox 2 (CDX2) is an intestine-specific transcription factor with potential prognostic and predictive effect, but the importance in mCRC has not been fully investigated. Methods: Immunohistochemistry analysis of CDX2 was performed in a Scandinavian population-based cohort of m...
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#2Mathieu Roelants (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)H-Index: 29
Last. Pétur B. Júlíusson (University of Bergen)H-Index: 20
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AIM: To estimate references for testicular volume measured with ultrasound and Tanner stages of pubic hair in Norwegian boys, and to compare the timing of puberty with data from similar populations. METHODS: Testicular volume was derived from ultrasound measurements of testicular volume in a cross-sectional study of 514 healthy boys. A continuous testicular volume for age reference curve was estimated with the LMS method. Tanner stages for pubic hair were clinically assessed in 452 boys. Age ref...