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#1Jinwoo Kim (SNU: Seoul National University)H-Index: 39
Last. Youngwoo Koh (Hanyang University)H-Index: 2
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Abstract We study a simple auction model with interdependent values in which there are two bidders each of whom observes a binary signal and can learn rival's information at a cost, whereafter they compete in the first-price or second-price auction. We characterize a unique symmetric equilibrium strategy—learning and bidding strategies—for the two auction formats. In the first-price auction, bidders with high signal learn rival's information with higher probability than those with low signal do....
#1Jinkyu Jang (Yonsei University)H-Index: 2
#2Jinwoo Kim (Yonsei University)H-Index: 39
ABSTRACTQuantified-self tools track personal data as well as emotional and psychological scores, in real time, of people who use such tools. Such data have potential uses for initiating interaction...
#1Yeon-Koo CheH-Index: 33
#2Jinwoo KimH-Index: 39
Last. Kojima FuhitoH-Index: 20
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We develop a theory of monotone comparative statics based on weak set order, or in short weak monotone comparative statics, and identify the enabling conditions in the context of individual choices, Pareto optimal choices for a coalition of agents, and Nash equilibria of games. Compared with the existing theory based on strong set order, the conditions for weak monotone comparative statics are weaker, sometimes considerably, in terms of the structure of the choice environment and underlying pref...
#1Bumhee Lim (SNU: Seoul National University)H-Index: 6
#2Byungyeob Baek (SNU: Seoul National University)H-Index: 2
Last. Jeeyeon Lee (SNU: Seoul National University)H-Index: 11
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Abstract Iron-selective turn-on sensors are indispensable tools for understanding iron-related cell death processes and human diseases. In this study, we report a novel class of fluorescent sensors derived from an indolizino[3,2-c]quinoline scaffold that exhibit high selectivity for Fe3+ over other biologically abundant cations in cells, including Fe2+, Al3+, Zn2+, and Mn2+. IQ18 works as a ratiometric sensor with a Kd value of 7.1 × 10 −7 M and a detection limit of 5.2 nM in ethanol, whereas IQ...
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#1Miyeon Ha (Yonsei University)
#2Sujeong Kwon (Yonsei University)
Last. Jinwoo Kim (Yonsei University)H-Index: 39
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Abstract People are reluctant to provide their personal data, making it difficult for corporations to collect such information. The Personal Data Market presents a promising solution to this problem, but current offerings must overcome several challenges. This paper proposes a Blockchain-based Data Market framework, “Decentralized Data Marketplace for Digital Me”, in which personal data are anonymized in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation to protect the owner’s privacy. In ad...
#1Syngjoo Choi (SNU: Seoul National University)H-Index: 15
#2José-Alberto Guerra (University of Los Andes)
Last. Jinwoo Kim (SNU: Seoul National University)H-Index: 39
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Abstract We develop a model of interdependent value auctions in which two types of bidders compete: insiders, who are perfectly informed about their value, and outsiders, who are informed only about the private component of their value. Because the bidding strategy of outsiders cannot efficiently adjust with that of insiders, the second-price auction is inefficient. The English auction has an equilibrium in which the information outsiders infer from the history of drop-out prices enables them to...
#1Yeonjoo Lee (Yonsei University)H-Index: 1
#2Miyeon Ha (Yonsei University)
Last. Jinwoo Kim (Yonsei University)H-Index: 39
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Abstract Although artificial intelligence is a growing area of research, several problems remain. One such problem of particular importance is the low accuracy of predictions. This paper suggests that users' help is a practical approach to improve accuracy and it considers four factors that trigger users' willingness to help for an imperfect AI system. The two factors covered in Study 1 are utilitarian benefit based on egoistic motivation, and empathy based on altruistic motivation. In Study 2, ...
Last. Jinwoo KimH-Index: 39
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#1Chan Mi Park (Yonsei University)
#2Jung Yeon Lee (Yonsei University)
Last. Jinwoo Kim (Yonsei University)H-Index: 39
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Human's direct supervision on robot's erroneous behavior is crucial to enhance a robot intelligence for a ‘flawless’ human-robot interaction. Motivating humans to engage more actively for this purpose is however difficult. To alleviate such strain, this research proposes a novel approach, a growth and regression metaphoric interaction design inspired from human's communicative, intellectual, social competence aspect of developmental stages. We implemented the interaction design principle unto a ...