Nathalie Vergnolle
University of Toulouse
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Last. Nathalie Vergnolle (French Institute of Health and Medical Research)H-Index: 62
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Last. Christel Devaud (French Institute of Health and Medical Research)
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Background: Immunotherapies have achieved clinical benefit in many types of cancer but remain limited to a subset of patients in colorectal cancer (CRC). Resistance to immunotherapy can be attributed in part to tissue-specific factors constraining antitumor immunity. Thus, a better understanding of how the colon microenvironment shapes the immune response to CRC is needed to identify mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapies and guide the development of novel therapeutics. Methods: In an ortho...
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Last. Bruno Vellas (University of Toulouse)H-Index: 97
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The Geroscience aims at a better understanding of the biological processes of aging, to prevent and/or delay the onset of chronic diseases and disability as well as to reduce the severity of these adverse clinical outcomes. Geroscience thus open up new perspectives of care to live a healthy aging, that is to say without dependency. To date, life expectancy in healthy aging is not increasing as fast as lifespan. The identification of biomarkers of aging is critical to predict adverse outcomes dur...
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#2Pierre-Jean Roustan (University of Toulouse)
Last. Claire Racaud-Sultan (University of Toulouse)H-Index: 17
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Background Sexual dimorphism in biological responses is a critical knowledge for therapeutic proposals. However, gender differences in intestinal stem cell physiology have been poorly studied. Given the important role of the protease-activated receptor PAR2 in the control of colon epithelial primitive cells and cell cycle genes, we have performed a sex-based comparison of its expression and of the effects of PAR2 activation or knockout on cell proliferation and survival functions.
#1Marion Rincel (INRA: Institut national de la recherche agronomique)H-Index: 5
#2Philippe Aubert (French Institute of Health and Medical Research)H-Index: 14
Last. Muriel Darnaudéry (INRA: Institut national de la recherche agronomique)H-Index: 33
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Abstract The accumulation of adverse events in utero and during childhood differentially increases the vulnerability to psychiatric diseases in men and women. Gut microbiota is highly sensitive to the early environment and has been recently hypothesized to affect brain development. However, the impact of early-life adversity on gut microbiota, notably with regards to sex differences, remains to be explored. We examined the effects of multifactorial early-life adversity on behavior and microbiota...
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Last. Nathalie Vergnolle (University of Toulouse)H-Index: 62
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Proteolytic homeostasis is important at mucosal surfaces, but its actors and their precise role in physiology are poorly understood. Here we report that healthy human and mouse colon epithelia are a major source of active thrombin. We show that mucosal thrombin is directly regulated by the presence of commensal microbiota. Specific inhibition of luminal thrombin activity causes macroscopic and microscopic damage as well as transcriptomic alterations of genes involved in host-microbiota interacti...
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#2Anne-Françoise Tilkin-Mariamé (University of Toulouse)H-Index: 4
Last. Audrey Ferrand (University of Toulouse)H-Index: 4
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Last. Elena F. Verdu (McMaster University)H-Index: 52
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Microbe-host interactions are generally homeostatic, but when dysfunctional, they can incite food sensitivities and chronic diseases. Celiac disease (CeD) is a food sensitivity characterized by a breakdown of oral tolerance to gluten proteins in genetically predisposed individuals, although the underlying mechanisms are incompletely understood. Here we show that duodenal biopsies from patients with active CeD have increased proteolytic activity against gluten substrates that correlates with incr...
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