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We analyzed the most common 5000 male and 5000 female Turkish names based on their etymological, morphological, and semantic attributes. The name statistics are based on all Turkish citizens who were alive in 2014 and they cover 90% of all population. To the best of our knowledge, this study is the most comprehensive data-driven analysis of Turkish personal names. Female names have a greater diversity than male names (e.g., top 15 male names cover 25% of the male population, whereas top 28 femal...
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Corpus-based word frequencies are one of the most important predictors in language processing tasks. Frequencies based on conversational corpora (such as movie subtitles) are shown to better capture the variance in lexical decision tasks compared to traditional corpora. In this study, we show that frequencies computed from social media are currently the best frequency-based estimators of lexical decision reaction times (up to 3.6% increase in explained variance). The results are robust (observed...
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Moving to a new country can be difficult, but relationships made there can ease the integration into the new environment. The social ties can be formed with different groups: compatriots from their home country, people originally from their new country (locals), and also immigrants from other countries. Yet very little research on immigration has addressed this important aspect, primarily because large-scale studies of social networks are impractical using traditional methods such as surveys. In...
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Apr 11, 2016 in WWW (The Web Conference)
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Instagram has more than 400 million monthly active accounts who share more than 80 million pictures and videos daily. This large volume of user-generated content is the application's notable strength, but also makes the problem of finding the authoritative users for a given topic challenging. Discovering topical authorities can be useful for providing relevant recommendations to the users. In addition, it can aid in building a catalog of topics and top topical authorities in order to engage new ...
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Social media is a natural laboratory for linguistic and sociological purposes. In micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter, people share hundreds of millions of short messages about their lives and experiences on a daily basis. These messages, coupled with metadata about their authors, provide an opportunity to understand a wide variety of phenomena ranging from political polarization to geographic and demographic lexical variation. Lack of publicly available micro-blogging datasets has been a h...
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Text mining has been very successful in extracting huge amounts of commonsense knowledge from data, but the extracted knowledge tends to be extremely noisy. Manual construction of knowledge repositories, on the other hand, tends to produce high-quality data in very small amounts. We propose an architecture to combine the best of both worlds: A game with a purpose that induces humans to clean up data automatically extracted by text mining. First, a text miner trained on a set of known commonsense...
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The importance of collective social action in current events is manifest in the Arab Spring and Occupy movements. Electronic social media have become a pervasive channel for social interactions, and a basis of collective social response to information. The study of social media can reveal how individual actions combine to become the collective dynamics of society. Characterizing the groups that form spontaneously may reveal both how individuals self-identify and how they will act together. Here ...
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We extracted gender-specific actions from text corpora and Twitter, and compared them with stereotypical expectations of people. We used Open Mind Common Sense (OMCS), a common sense knowledge repository, to focus on actions that are pertinent to common sense and daily life of humans. We use the gender information of Twitter users and web-corpus-based pronoun/name gender heuristics to compute the gender bias of the actions. With high recall, we obtained a Spearman correlation of 0.47 between cor...
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In order to display human-like intelligence, advanced computational systems should have access to the vast network of generic facts about the world that humans possess and that is known as commonsense knowledge (books have pages, grocery has a price, ...). Developers of AI applications have long been aware of this, and, for decades, they have invested in the laborious and expensive manual creation of commonsense knowledge repositories. An automated, high-throughput and low-noise method for commo...
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Nov 3, 2010 in AAAI (National Conference on Artificial Intelligence)
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Common sense collection has long been an important subfield of AI. This paper introduces a combined architecture for commonsense harvesting by text mining and a game with a purpose. The text miner module uses a seed set of known facts (sampled from ConceptNet) as training data and produces candidate commonsense facts mined from corpora. The game module taps humans' knowledge about the world by letting them play a simple slot-machine-like game. The proposed system allows us to collect significant...
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