Ji Qiang
Geological Museum of China
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: We describe a new species of Early Cretaceous bird from the Yixian Formation of Liaoning Province. Xinghaiornis lini gen. et sp. nov. is relatively large and characterized by a long, toothless rostrum and an elevated pedal digit I. The design of the skull and feet suggests that this bird was likely a mud-prober. This discovery provides strong support indicating that this avian trophic specialization originated at least 125 million years ago.
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: On the basis of the taphonomy, osteological anatomy and ontogenetic variation, Zhuchengosaurus maximus Zhao et al., 2007 is considered to be synonymic with Shantungosaurus giganteus Hu, 1973 herein. This paper also deals with the life behavior of S. giganteus and the environment in which S. giganteus lived. S. giganteus is considered to be a terrestrial and gregarious herbivorous dinosaur and lived in hills and intervales in warm weather with plentiful rain and flourishing vegetation.
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Abstract A new hadrosauroid dinosaur, Shuangmiaosaurus gilmorei gen. et sp. nov., is described based on a complete left maxilla with articulated premaxilla and lacrimal fragments, and a complete left dentary from the mid-Cretaceous Sunjiawan Formation of Beipiao, Liaoning, northeastern China. Cladistic analysis shows that Shuangmiaosaurus is a basal hadrosauroid, and comprises the sister taxon to Hadrosauridae. In both Shuangmiaosaurus and Hadrosauridae, the maxilla-jugal suture is butt-jointed,...
#1Ji Shu'an (Geological Museum of China)H-Index: 6
#2Ji Qiang (Geological Museum of China)H-Index: 12
The pterosaur from the Yixian Formation in Beipiao, Liaoning Province, is characterized by the medium–sized individual, short tail, presence of the gastralia, strong forelimbs, radius and ulna longer than wing–metacarpal, extremely narrow and elongate metatarsals, degenerated and small phalanx V of hindlimb and so on. It must be a new genus and species, Eosipterus yangi gen. et sp. nov., in the early groups of the Suborder Pterodactyloidea. This is the first record of pterosaurs found in Liaonin...
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摘要:一条新 mamenchisaurid 恐龙, Eomamenchisaurus yuanmouensis 情报 et sp。nov。从 Zhanghe 形成基于一架不完全的骨骼被树立, Yuanmou 的中间的侏罗记,云南省。新 taxon 被 pleurocoels 的缺席与稍微凸的前面的关节的表面在背面的 vertebrae 和背面的 verterbrae 描绘,中等凹面以后的关节的表面;第四 trochanter 在腿节上 posteromedially 被开发;到腿节的胫骨的长度比率是约 0.64;并且坐骨的柄是像杆的。以后的背面的 vertebrae 的二熔化 centra (假定第 9 并且第 10 背面的 vertebrae ) 类似于在另外的 mamenchisaurid 恐龙的那些包括 Mamenchisaurus hochuanesis, M。youngi 和 Chuanjiesaurus anaensis。因此, centra 的熔化第九并且第十背面的 vertebrae 能作为 Mamenchisauridae 的一个 synapomorphic 人物被认...
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: A new ankylosaurid species of Crichtonsaurus, C. benxiensis sp. nov., is erected based on a well preserved skeleton and a nearly complete skull found in the Sunjiawan Formation (Cenomanian-Turonian), Beipiao, Liaoning Province. Crichtonsaurus benxiensis sp. nov. is characterized by width 84.6% of length of the skull, a deep depression located medial to the notch between the orbit and the squamosal horn, paroccipital processes fused to the quadrates, fused scapula and coracoid, a large foramen ...