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Abstract The present study examined cardiovascular adaptations in 8–10-year-old schoolchildren after a full school year (10 months) of 5 × 12 min/wk. of intense physical training, including small-sided ball games (soccer, basketball and floorball) or interval running. The study involved 8–10-year-old healthy Danish schoolchildren (n = 232), who were cluster-randomized to a small-sided games group (SSG, n = 60), an interval running group (IR, n = 57) or a control group (CON, n = 115). Comprehensi...
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Abstract Aims Current evidence points to cellular anti-ageing effects of regular endurance training which may differ from other sport modalities. Effects of football training on markers of cell senescence have not been tested. Methods One hundred and forty healthy, non-smoking men participated in the study, including young elite football players aged 18–30 years (YF, n = 35, 21.6 ± 0.5 yrs), elderly football players aged 65–80 years (EF, n = 35, 71.9 ± 0.5 yrs), untrained young controls (YC, n =...
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China is experiencing significant public health challenges related to social and demographic transitions and lifestyle transformations following unprecedented economic reforms four decades ago. Of particular public health concern is the fourfold increase in overweight and obesity rates in the nation’s youth population, coupled with the low prevalence of adolescents meeting recommended levels of physical activity. Improving the overall health of China’s more than 170 million children and adolesce...
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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the conditions for competitive football around the globe dramatically. Several competitions and leagues have been cancelled or postponed. Players have firstly been...
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BACKGROUND: The present study investigates the wellbeing effects for 10-12-year-old children of the school-based intervention "11 for Health in Denmark", which comprises physical activity (PA) and health education. Subgroup analyses were carried out for boys and girls. METHOD: 3061 children were randomly assigned to an intervention group (IG) or a control group (CG) by 5:1 cluster randomisation by school. 2533 children (mean age 11.5+/-0.4; 49.7% boys) were assigned to IG and 528 children (mean ...
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The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) seems to be having a major impact on physical activity behaviours globally. The pandemic has forced many people around the world to stay at home and se...
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PURPOSE The present study investigated muscle metabolism and fatigue during simulated elite male ice hockey match-play. METHODS Thirty U20 male national team players completed an experimental game comprising three periods of 8x1-min shifts separated by 2-min recovery intervals. Two vastus lateralis biopsies were obtained either during the game (n=7) or pre- and post-game (n=6). Venous blood samples were drawn pre-game and at the end of the first and last period (n=14). Activity pattern and physi...