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Paul J. Leahy
University of Kansas
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Published on Oct 1, 2008in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 3.62
Paul J. Leahy2
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Scott M. Shorten1
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W. Thomas Lawrence4
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Background: Plastic surgical consultation for abdominal contouring following massive weight loss is becoming increasingly prevalent, especially with the popularity of surgical weight loss procedures. The authors reviewed their experience with a novel panniculectomy technique that generally combines horizontal and vertical tissue excision to generate the best contour possible while providing effective relief of symptoms related to a dependent abdominal panniculus. Methods: A retrospective chart r...
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Published on Oct 1, 2007in Clinics in Plastic Surgery 2.02
Paul J. Leahy2
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(University of Kansas),
W.Thomas Lawrence3
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(University of Kansas)
Manipulation of the healing process through wound supplementation with agents that are natural contributors to the healing process is an appealing concept. Early experimental studies evaluating wounds supplemented with inflammatory mediators used materials extracted from cell preparations and generated encouraging results. Recombinant technology has allowed the production of larger volumes of these mediators that can be used more practically and safely in the clinical setting. Several clinical t...
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