Amitava Chattopadhyay
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We argue that individuals monitor and evaluate attainment and maintenance goals differently. Attainment goals feature a salient current-end state discrepancy that is processed more than the corresponding match for maintenance goals. For maintenance goals, for which a salient discrepancy is absent, contextual influences on goal success/failure receive more processing than for attainment goals. Thus, objectively more difficult attainment goals may be judged as easier than maintenance goals, when t...
El caso describe la evolucion de la empresa y como Pollo Campero ha incursionado en los Estados Unidos. Presenta ademas los problemas que ha enfrentado para desarrollar la marca de este mercado y cuenta con suficiente informacion para que el lector realice un analisis de los segmentos de mercado en donde compite la empresa, es decir cual estrategia generica ha usado y cual siguen sus competidores. El lector debera decidir si la estrategia que la empresa ha implementado hasta el momento le permit...
Online crowdfunding is a popular new tool for raising capital to commercialize product innovation. Product innovation must be both novel and useful (1-4). Therefore, we study the role of novelty and usefulness claims on Kickstarter. Startlingly, we find that a single claim of novelty increases project funding by about 200%, a single claim of usefulness increases project funding by about 1200%, and the co-occurrence of novelty and usefulness claims lowers funding by about 26%. Our findings are en...
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#2Antonios Stamatogiannakis (IE University)H-Index: 2
Last.Amitava Chattopadhyay (Ad: INSEAD)H-Index: 27
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This research examines how self-construal (i.e., independent vs. interdependent) and goal type (i.e., attainment vs. maintenance) are conceptually linked and jointly impact consumer behavior. The results of five experiments and one field study involving different operationalizations of self-construal and goal pursuit activities suggest that attainment (maintenance) goals can be more motivating for participants with a more independent (interdependent) self-construal and that differences in salien...