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Although hermeneutic habits of mind privilege the representation as a site of discovery and reflection, the reverse is equally true for residents in familiar environments. That is, the body’s movement through everyday spaces can engender an indexical map, thus a memory storehouse, and sites and substances for invention. This chapter forwards the generative, interpretive potential of oscillation, defined as sensations and reflections tied directly to bodily movements through a built environment l...
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#1John M. AckermanH-Index: 4
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The Public Work of Rhetoric presents the art of rhetorical techne as a contemporary praxis for civic engagement and social change, which is necessarily inclusive of people inside and outside the academy. In this provocative call to action, editors John M. Ackerman and David J. Coogan, along with seventeen other accomplished contributors, offer case studies and criticism on the rhetorical practices of citizen-scholars pursuing democratic ideals in diverse civic communities--with partnerships acro...
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#1John M. AckermanH-Index: 4
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In this review we summarize some of the accomplishments and shortcomings of constructivist accounts of reading and writing activity as part of our argument for social and textual views of literacy. Arguing that reading and writing are inseparable from each other and from other modes of meaning making, we aim to foreground studies and theories that depict the rhetorical dimensions of literacy. We define rhetorical as referring to the means and circumstances through which readers and writers repre...
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This essay situates the phenomenon of writing and learning in historical, pedagogical, and theoretical frameworks to isolate write-to-learn methods derived from the “British model” of language and learning. Writing as a mode of learning has maintained its status partly because of the rise of rhetoric and composition as a specialized field and because cross-curricular writing instruction has been offered as one answer to alleged “crises” of literate standards and competence in public and higher e...
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