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Syconia in successive developmental phases from Ficus laevigata Vahl (F. citrifolia Miller sensu DeWolf 1960) (Moraceae) and successive life stages of its fig wasp pollinator, Pegoscapus sp. (P. assuetus (Grandi) sensu Wiebes 1983) (Agaonidae) were dissected to elucidate their association with two undescribed species of nematodes. Parasitodiplogazter sp. (Diplogasteridae) are transported by female Pegoscapus sp. into the cavity of a phase B syconium as third-stage juveniles (J3), where they molt...
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A portable wheel stand, wherein a platform member is supported above the ground upon downwardly extended legs pivoted thereto; a ramp member pivotally mounted to the platform member on a common axis with the pivotal mounting on one of the leg members to said platform member; the ramp member extending on an incline from the ground to the upper portion of the platform member; the leg members and ramp member being pivotally connected with the platform member so as to be foldable into compact relati...
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Over 60 exotic Ficus (fig) species have been introduced into southern Florida as ornamentals. Three of these, F. altissima Blume, F. benghalensis L., and F. microcarpa L. are now weedy because they are pollinated routinely by immigrant agaonid wasps [Eupristina sp., Eupristina masoni Saunders, and Parapristina verticillata (Waterston) respectively]. Conditions for colonization by these wasps appear to have been met, and are potentially suitable for pollination of two other fig species. Four othe...
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