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In “Reassessing Past European Gasoline Lead Policies” by von Storch et al., beginning geophysics students will be impressed by the superb precision in Figure 1, which relates to 110 587.9 ton of European lead emissions in 1965. Recalling their freshman physics, they will note that the last digit given has some significance; that is, it is presumably close to 9 and is not 8, nor is it 0. Thus, the full number should be meaningful to plus-or-minus 0.1 ton, which happens to be about my mass. Hence,...
A humane method (from the perspective of faculty and of students) to improve the writing of students, from freshmen to graduate, is described. This method follows the standard procedure of submission of a paper to a journal, whereby the students (peer) review each other's work, revise their papers in light of the referee's comments (or rebut them). Then acceptance “for publication” by the editor is marked by a high grade. It has been used in a variety of physics-related courses (astronomy, high-...
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In the mimetic membrane system of phosphatidylcholine bilayers, thickening (pre-critical behavior, anomalous swelling) of the bilayers is observed, in the vicinity of the main transition, which is non-linear with temperature. The sterols cholesterol and androsten are used as sensors in a time-resolved simultaneous small- and wide angle x-ray diffraction study to investigate the cause of the thickening. We observe precritical behavior in the pure lipid system, as well as with sterol concentration...
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Sie haben guten Grund, sich vor einer Entfuhrung durch fremde Lebewesen zu furchten.1 Jacobs2 berichtet uber eine Reihe von ihm durchgefuhrter, detaillierter Interviews wahrend hypnoseinduzierter Regression, in der sich die Probanden an ihre Vergangenheit erinnern. Die Probanden behaupten, von fremden Lebewesen in UFOs (Unidentifizierten Flugobjekten) entfuhrt worden zu sein.
Abstract This review examines adaptation of life to temperatures below −2°C, from a biophysical point of view and relative to the properties of water. Different metabolic processes have different lowest temperatures. The lowest established temperature for photosynthesis and growth seems to be about −17°C. The review discusses membrane lipids from Antarctic microbial systems, and the limits to longevity of life in the cold, with coverage of permafrost microbial systems. It is directed towards rea...
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