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Claude Duret-Thual
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Materials selection in the oil and gas industry relies on engineering standards, such as NACE TM0177 and NACE TM0284, which stipulate that oxygen pollution should be avoided during materials testing in H2S-containing media. In this paper, we explore the manner in which traces of oxygen can modify the test solution chemistry and the corrosion of/hydrogen permeation across iron membranes in H2S-containing solutions. Oxygen pollution is shown to strongly influence solution chemistry, through the in...
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2014 in Corrosion [IF: 1.93]
Alix Vancostenoble , Claude Duret-Thual , Cédric Bosch3
Estimated H-index: 3
(École Normale Supérieure)
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A confined aqueous environment is defined by a very low water-volume to exposed steel-area ratio. In such media containing dissolved CO2, siderite is formed and acts as a protective film. An addition of applied stress and/or environmental fluctuation can disturb the balance between the steel and this protective film, causing the fracture of the latter and leading to Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). The material studied is a cold drawn and rolled high strength steel composed of ferrite and sphero...