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Summary Hypospadias is commonly assessed and repaired by pediatric urologists. Mild, distal hypospadias is generally more a cosmetic problem than a functional one and is more frequently encountered than severe, proximal hypospadias. Outcomes following repair, especially of mild phenotypes, are important to understand, but range widely in timing and measurability. Surgical complications, postoperative satisfaction of parents, patients, surgeons and even lay observers, urinary function, sexual fun...
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Purpose: Catheter associated urinary tract infections are an essential measure for health care quality improvement that affects reimbursement through hospital acquired condition reduction programs in adult patients. With the mounting importance of preventing such infections we evaluated risk factors for acquiring catheter associated urinary tract infections in pediatric patients.Materials and Methods: All catheter associated urinary tract infections were identified at 1 pediatric institution fro...
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Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), or the reverse flow of urine from the bladder into the ureter or renal collecting system, is characterized by a wide spectrum of severity. Consequently, a spectrum of treatment options exists that can be broadly divided into non-operative and surgical management. Non-operative management is based on the natural history of reflux which suggests that the vast majority of VUR, and in particular low grades of reflux, will resolve spontaneously. Furthermore, most patients...
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Purpose: Radiographic evaluation for prenatal hydronephrosis often includes voiding cystourethrography to ascertain whether vesicoureteral reflux is present. We sought to determine whether use of voiding cystourethrography could be limited to those patients at greatest risk for vesicoureteral reflux. We hypothesized that vesicoureteral reflux could be predicted by findings on renal/bladder ultrasonography of hydroureter, renal dysmorphia and/or duplication.Materials and Methods: We reviewed the ...
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Purpose: Bell clapper anomaly is associated with an increased risk of intravaginal testicular torsion. However, perinatal torsion is thought to be secondary to an extravaginal process. We quantified the contralateral prevalence of bell clapper anomaly in children found to have atrophic testicular nubbins secondary to presumed torsion during gestation to better define the subsequent risk of metachronous testicular torsion.Materials and Methods: Inspection results for the presence of contralateral...
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Purpose: Dilating vesicoureteral reflux provokes concern for physicians and parents that often leads to corrective surgery in young children. Since there are limited data describing the natural history of dilating vesicoureteral reflux in infants, we identified factors predictive of resolution/improvement in infants initially treated nonoperatively.Materials and Methods: We reviewed the medical records of 90 infants 6 months old or younger from 2004 to 2010 who were referred for prenatal hydrone...
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Purpose: We analyzed preoperative and postoperative differential renal function and characterized the renographic findings in patients with ureteropelvic junction obstruction associated with Dietl crisis.Materials and Methods: Patients with Dietl crisis who underwent pyeloplasty between January 2004 and December 2010 were classified by renographic presentation. Patients in group 1 were diagnosed with cortical retention, those in group 2 had an initial obstructed scan (T1/2 of 20 minutes or more ...
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