Ralph Barocas
George Mason University
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It was hypothesized that maternal teaching style (MTS) and a child's attentional performance mediate the relation between contextual risk factors and intelligence quotient (IQ). One hundred fifty-nine 4-year-old children and their mothers in a longitudinal study of children at risk for mental disorder participated in a maternal teaching task, a Luria bulb-squeeze procedure, and a delayed-match-to-sample (DMS) task in the laboratory
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Verbal IQ scores in a socially heterogeneous sample of 215 4-year-old children were highly related to a cumulative environmental risk index composed of maternal, family and cultural variables. Different combinations of equal numbers of risk factors produced similar effects on IQ, providing evidence (1) that no single factor identified here uniquely enhances or limits early intellectual achievement and (2) that cumulative effects from multiple risk factors increase the probability that developmen...
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Early indicators of schizophrenic outcomes were sought in a group of children of chronically ill schizophrenic women. A sample of pregnant women with varying degrees of mental illness were examined during the perinatal period and recruited into a 4-year longitudinal evaluation, which included cognitive, psychomotor, social, and emotional assessments at birth, 4, 12, 30, and 48 months of age. The mothers varied on mental health dimensions of diagnosis, severity of symptomatology, and chronicity o...
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#1Arnold J. Sameroff (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 14
#2Ronald Seifer (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 54
Last.Ralph Barocas (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 5
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Children with mothers who had a variety of psychiatric disturbances were studied in a longitudinal investigation from birth to four years of age. The children were assessed for cognitive and social-emotional functioning at each age and the scores related to maternal characteristics. The results were that specific maternal diagnoses of schizophrenia, neurotic depression, and personality disorder had few unique effects on child performance. Social status was the most important factor affecting cog...
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