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To evaluate the possible pulmonary effects of habitual marijuana smoking with and without tobacco, we administered a detailed respiratory and drug use questionnaire and/or lung function tests to young, habitual, heavy smokers of marijuana alone (n = 144) or with tobacco (n = 135) and control subjects of similar age who smoked tobacco alone (n = 70) or were nonsmokers (n = 97). Mean amounts of marijuana and/or tobacco smoked were 49 to 57 joint-years marijuana (average daily number of joints time...
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It has been suggested that young persons who smoke have better lung function initially than those who remain nonsmokers. To examine this possibility prospectively, we analyzed respiratory questionnaire responses and lung function results in residents of Burbank and Lancaster, California, who had completed field screening studies of respiratory status at 2 times 5 yr apart. At Time 1 and Time 2, we calculated the age- and height-adjusted values for forced vital capacity (FVC) and forced expirator...
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Questionnaires, spirometry, and the single-breath nitrogen test were administered to 3,192 participants 25 to 39 yr of age in an area exposed to low concentrations of all pollutants (Lancaster, California) and to 2,369 similar participants living in an area exposed to high concentrations of photochemical oxidants, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfates (Glendora, California). The prevalence of symptoms and results of the majority of the tests were worse in the polluted area between current and never smo...
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RESULTS: During the first five uses, the nonlatex condom had a higher frequency of breakage or slippage during intercourse or withdrawal (4.0%) than latex condoms (1.3%); the breakage rate for the nonlatex condom was about eight times that of latex condoms. The six-cycle typical-use pregnancy rate did not differ significantly between users of nonlatex (10.8%) and latex condoms (6.4%). The six-cycle consistent-use pregnancy rate was higher for nonlatex condom users than for latex condom users (4....
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Summary Background The value of antibiotic prophylaxis before insertion of an intrauterine device (IUD) remains uncertain. We undertook a triple-masked, randomised, placebo-controlled trial to find out whether such prophylaxis reduces the rate of IUD removal within 90 days. Methods 11 clinic sites in southern California enrolled women who requested IUD insertion and were at low risk of sexually transmitted infection according to self-reported medical history. We randomly assigned 1985 participan...
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Results: The clinical breakage rate of the polyurethane condom was 7.2%, compared with 1.1% for the latex condom (relative risk of 6.6, 95% confidence interval of 3.5‐12.3). The complete slippage rate (combining incidents during intercourse and withdrawal) of the polyurethane condom was 3.6%, compared with 0.6% for the latex condom (relative risk of 6.0, 95% confidence interval of 2.6‐14.2). Most male users preferred the sensitivity provided by the polyurethane condom to that of the latex condom...
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To examine intensive care unit (ICU) admission rates and diagnoses of patients with HIV infection, and to determine the outcomes of different critical illnesses, we analyzed data derived from the 63 patients who were admitted to an ICU from among the 1,130 adults with HIV infection who did not have AIDS at the time of enrollment in a multicenter prospective study. Patients were admitted and treated according to the judgment of their physicians. During 4,298 patient-years of follow-up for the ent...
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To assess the possible role of daily smoking of marijuana in the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), we evaluated the effect of habitual use of marijuana with or without tobacco on the age-related change in lung function (measured as FEV1) in comparison with the effect of nonsmoking and regular tobacco smoking. A convenience sample of 394 healthy young Caucasian adults (68% men; age: 33 +/- 6 yr; mean +/- SD) including, at study entry, 131 heavy, habitual smokers of mari...
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This paper reports on a randomized controlled double-masked clinical trial designed to compare the contraceptive efficacy acceptability and safety of an experimental polyurethane condom with a standard commercially available latex condom (Ramses Sensitol). The study enrolled 805 couples and randomly assigned them to use either the polyurethane or latex condom as their only method of birth control for 6 months. All data were collected using self-administered standardized questionnaires except for...
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This study identifies a large number of demographic and reproductive characteristics that are significantly associated with the risk of condom breakage. A total of 339 couples from the US contributed complete data on the use of both the Avanti and latex condoms. Majority of the study population consisted of experienced condom users; 84% of participants had used 10 or more condoms prior to study entry. Analytical results note that the clinical failure rate of 8.6% obtained by the Avanti polyureth...
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