Catherine Weaver
University of Texas at Austin
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Section 1: Introduction 1. Global Economic Governance: Players, Power and Paradigms Manuela Moschella and Catherine Weaver Section 2: Governing Global Trade 2. Plus ca change? Business as usual in the Governance of Global Trade Rorden Wilkinson 3. Does sunshine make a difference? How transparency brings the trading system to life Robert Wolfe 4. Adaptation and Change in EU Trade Governance: The EU's Paradigm Shift from Multilateralism to Regionalism and Bilateralism Eugenia da Conceicao-Heldt 5....
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On the occasion of the Review of International Political Economy 's 20th anniversary, this paper systematically assesses RIPE 's claim to represent an alternative to the 'mainstream' study of international political economy (IPE) with several new sources of evidence. The first is the IPE component of a 20-country survey of international relations (IR) faculty, the second a database of books in the field. The third, and most important, is derived from coding 326 RIPE articles published 2000-10 to...
#1J. C. Sharman (Griffith University)H-Index: 18
#2Catherine Weaver (University of Texas at Austin)H-Index: 7
Efforts to systematize our knowledge of international relations (IR) have tended to focus on journal articles while ignoring books. In contrast, we argue that to know IR we must know IR books. To this end, this article presents the first systematic analysis of such books based on coding 500 IR texts published by leading presses against variables covering methodology, theoretical paradigm, and policy application. We compare the results with those of the Teaching, Research, and International Polic...