Emanuele Trucco
University of Dundee
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Objective Changes to the retinal vasculature are known to be associated with hypertension independently of traditional risk factors. We investigated whether measurements of retinal vascular calibre from ultra-widefield fundus imaging were associated with hypertensive status. Methods We retrospectively collected and semiautomatically measured ultra-widefield retinal fundus images from a subset of participants enrolled in an ongoing population study of ageing, categorised as normotensive or hypert...
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Abstract Introduction We test whether measures of the retinal vasculature are associated with cognitive functioning and cognitive change. Methods Retinal images from a narrow-age cohort were analyzed using Vessel Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the Retina, producing a comprehensive range of quantitative measurements of the retinal vasculature, at mean age 72.5 years (SD = 0.7). Cognitive ability and change were measured using a battery of multiple measures of memory, visuospati...
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Research has suggested that the retinal vasculature may act as a surrogate marker for diseased cerebral vessels. Retinal vascular parameters were measured using Vessel Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the Retina (VAMPIRE) software in two cohorts: (i) community-dwelling older subjects of the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 (n = 603); and (ii) patients with recent minor ischaemic stroke of the Mild Stroke Study (n = 155). Imaging markers of small vessel disease (SVD) (white matter hyper...
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Cardiovascular diseases are a public health concern; they remain the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes. Phenotypic information available from retinal fundus images and clinical measurements, in addition to genomic data, can identify relevant biomarkers of cardiovascular health. In this study, we assessed whether such biomarkers stratified risks of major adverse cardiac events (MACE). A retrospective analysis was carried out on an extract from the Tayside G...
Purpose The pathophysiology of nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) is not completely understood. Studies of the retinal vasculature phenotype in patients with NAION could help us to understand vascular abnormalities associated with the disease. Design Retrospective case series with matched control subjects. Methods Study population: 57 patients with NAION and 57 control subjects matched to NAION patients for sex, age, systemic hypertension, diabetes, and obstructive sleep apn...
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Objective: The retina may provide readily accessible imaging biomarkers of global cardiovascular health. Increasing evidence suggests variation in retinal vascular traits is highly heritable. This ...
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Abstract Purpose The conjunctival microcirculation is a readily-accessible vascular bed for quantitative haemodynamic assessment and has been studied previously using a digital charge-coupled device (CCD). Smartphone video imaging of the conjunctiva, and haemodynamic parameter quantification, represents a novel approach. We report the feasibility of smartphone video acquisition and subsequent haemodynamic measure quantification via semi-automated means. Methods Using an Apple iPhone 6 s and a To...
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Background: The retinal and cerebral microvasculature share many morphological and physiological properties. Perivascular Spaces (PVS), also known as Virchow-Robin spaces, are visible with increasing resolution with the ongoing improvement of brain MRI technology. We investigated the associations between quantitative retinal measurements and novel computational PVS parameters in a cohort of older people in their eighth decade. Methods: We analysed data from community-dwelling individuals (n=381 ...
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OBJECTIVE To investigate the impact of type 2 diabetes on incidence of major dementia subtypes, Alzheimer and vascular dementia, using electronic medical records (EMR) in the GoDARTS bioresource. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS GoDARTS (Genetics of Diabetes Audit and Research in Tayside Scotland) comprises a large case-control study of type 2 diabetes with longitudinal follow-up in EMR. Dementia case subjects after recruitment were passively identified in the EMR, and using a combination of case not...