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Results: More than half of respondents reported at least one, and one-fourth reported $2 categories of childhood exposures. We found a graded relationship between the number of categories of childhood exposure and each of the adult health risk behaviors and diseases that were studied (P , .001). Persons who had experienced four or more categories of childhood exposure, compared to those who had experienced none, had 4to 12-fold increased health risks for alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, and s...
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The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study demonstrated a link between early trauma and various aspects of adult health. Despite the proven benefits of exploring and integrating ACEs in clinical practice, the medical community has been slow to incorporate them. This prevents us from truly understanding and addressing public health issues such as smoking, obesity, and drug abuse. In recent years, however, adult primary care medicine is slowly moving away from a biomedical approach and adopting...
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Medical research on “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs) reveals a compelling relationship between the extent of childhood adversity, adult health risk behaviors, and principal causes of death in the United States. This article provides a selective review of the ACE Study and related social science research to describe how effective social work practice that prevents ACEs and mobilizes resilience and recovery from childhood adversity could support the achievement of national health policy goal...
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Editors’ Note: We invited a sample of AJPM’s Editorial Board, supplement guest editors, and longtime colleagues and contributors to share their experiences and impressions of the impact of AJPM on their respective domains. We were particularly fond of Ken Powell’s analogy to being “tenders of the planted seed”—as planters, weeders, and harvesters—watching and nurturing the growth of AJPM, and have elected to lead with his commentary. In the mid-1940s my brothers and I helped our father tend our ...
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Aus einer Untersuchung mit mehr als 17000 Erwachsenen der amerikanischen Mittelschicht, die an einer umfassenden biopsychosozialen medizinischen Evaluation teilgenommen haben, geht hervor, dass drei verbreitete Suchtkategorien verhaltnismasig eng mit spezifischen belastenden Erfahrungen in ihrer Kindheit verbunden sind. Das lasst in Verbindung mit darauf bezogenen Informationen den Schluss zu, dass Ursachen einer Sucht hauptsachlich "kindheiterfahrungsabhangig" und nicht "substanzmittelabhangig"...
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Using a model of pathogenesis, the health consequences of childhood trauma are well documented. However, less is known about salutogenesis among adults who go on to survive childhood trauma. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study data were utilized to examine the associations between modifiable behaviors (smoking abstinence and physical activity) and personal resources (attaining education and social support) with self-rated health and depressed affect among 5069 adult trauma survivors. The fin...
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