Charles M. Reigeluth
Indiana University
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Prior research has revealed resistance against wiki collaboration in higher education classrooms. Compared with small‐group projects, whole‐class knowledge building (KB) on a wiki is difficult, given students' lack of similar experiences, which requires scaffolding intersubjectivity and transfer of responsibility. This paper focuses on the second cycle of a design‐based research study to develop learner autonomy in wiki‐supported KB. A learner autonomy framework guided the re‐design of the instr...
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Contents: C.M. Reigeluth, Introduction. B. Petry, H. Mouton, C.M. Reigeluth, A Lesson Based on the Gagn - Briggs Theory of Instruction. G.L. Gropper, A Lesson Based on a Behavioral Approach to Instructional Design. L.N. Landa, A Fragment of a Lesson Based on the Algo-Heuristic Theory of Instruction. G.H. Stevens, J.M. Scandura, A Lesson Design Based on Instructional Prescriptions from the Structural Learning Theory. A. Collins, A Sample Dialogue Based on a Theory of Inquiry Teaching. M.D. Merril...
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Personalized Learning (PL) has been widely promoted. Despite the increasing interest in PL, it is difficult to be implemented, because it can be complicated, costly, and even impossible without the help of powerful and advanced technology. This national survey study aimed at systematically investigating technology usage and needs of teachers in learner-centered schools in the U.S based on the conceptual framework of the Personalized Integrated Education System (PIES). PIES specifies four major f...
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With growing interest in and popularity of online learning and lifelong learners, students’ ability to be engaged in self-regulated learning (SRL) has become more important. Moreover, online learning is becoming an important feature of K-12 education. Although SRL is known to be important and teachable, little research has been conducted on teachers’ practices and perceptions of SRL. Survey responses of 112 teachers who were teaching at K-12 online schools in the United States revealed that they...
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A modified conceptual framework called the Continuous-Change Framework for self-regulated learning (SRL) is presented. Common elements and limitations among the past frameworks are discussed in relation to the modified conceptual framework. The iterative nature of the goal setting process and overarching presence of self-efficacy and motivational beliefs are emphasized as an improvement in the modified framework. Also, the limitations of current SRL frameworks in terms of full SRL are identified...
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Reigeluth et al. (Educ Technol 48(6):32–39, 2008) proposed major and secondary functions for educational technology systems for the learner-centered paradigm of education. However, the functions proposed should be formatively evaluated and revised using a variety of cases to develop a better understanding of how technology can support student learning in the new paradigm. Using the Minnesota New Country School as a case, this study aimed to improve the selection and description of functions that...