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Arnulf Lloyd Lucero Compay
Queensland University of Technology
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Srihari Sharma (QUT: Queensland University of Technology), Rajesh Gupta7
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(QUT: Queensland University of Technology)
+ 4 AuthorsShooter Gary (QUT: Queensland University of Technology)
Abstract Introduction Diabetes-related ulcers are a common and severe complication of diabetes which is expected to increase in prevalence in line with projected global growth in rates of diabetes. Caring for these chronic wounds imposes a multi-billion dollar burden on the health care systems. These ulcers can prove lethal if untreated or not recognised and can lead to critical health complications. Methods To investigate underlying causes of wound chronicity, proteomic analyses of swab samples...
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Published on Jan 1, 2012
Daniel Broszczak4
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Dario Stupar2
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+ 5 AuthorsMelissa Laura Fernandez4
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The lack of fundamental knowledge on the biological processes associated with wound healing represents a significant challenge. Understanding the biochemical changes that occur within a chronic wound could provide insights into the wound environment and enable more effective wound management. We report on the stability of wound fluid samples under various conditions and describe a high-throughput approach to investigate the altered biochemical state within wound samples collected from various ty...
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