Alejandra Nuǹz-de la Mora
National Autonomous University of Mexico
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Published on Apr 26, 2010in Ethology1.52
Alejandra Nuǹz-de la Mora1
Estimated H-index: 1
(UNAM: National Autonomous University of Mexico),
Hugh Drummond32
Estimated H-index: 32
(UNAM: National Autonomous University of Mexico),
John C. Wingfield108
Estimated H-index: 108
(UNAM: National Autonomous University of Mexico)
In the blue-footed booby (Sula nebouxii), the first-hatched chick aggressively dominates its sibling and sometimes kills it when food is in short supply. To investigate the endocrine correlates of dominance-subordinance and hunger-induced agonism, we deprived 15–20-d-old single-chick and two-chick broods of food during 48 h by taping chicks' necks to prevent ingestion of parentally provided food (a protocol used previously and known to elicit escalated sibling fighting). We monitored weight and ...