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Evaluation of the physical characteristics of vaccines formulated in the presence of adjuvants, such as aluminum salts (Alum), is an important step in the development of vaccines. Depending on the formulation conditions and the associated electrostatic interactions of the adjuvant particles, the vaccine suspension may transition between flocculated and deflocculated states. The impact of practical formulation parameters, including pH, ionic strength, and the presence of model antigens, has been ...
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Abstract A cation exchange chromatographic purification process step was developed for the purification of human PEGylated PYY 3–36 from the PEGylation reaction mixture. In this publication we describe experiments carried out to evaluate the chromatographic performance of arginine chloride as an effective cation exchange chromatography eluent. Using arginine we obtained improved recovery and resolution during chromatographic purification of a peptide PEGylation reaction mixture. The chromatograp...
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Una composicion liquida que comprende: EDTA o sales de EDTA a una concentracion de 0,01 mM a 5.0 mM; histidina a una concentracion de 1 mM a 100 mM; y al menos un anticuerpo de IgG humano a una concentracion de 1 mg/ml a 200 mg/ml, en la que dicho anticuerpo comprende: una secuencia aminoacidica que es al menos un 90 % identica a la secuencia aminoacidica de cadena pesada mostrada en la SEQ ID NO: 2; y una secuencia aminoacidica que es al menos un 90 % identica a la secuencia aminoacidica de cad...