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Objectives To determine the test performance parameters for the retrievable range of high-molecular-weight (HMW) and low-molecular-weight (LMW) occupational allergens and to evaluate the impact of allergenic components and the implementation of measures for test validation. Methods A protocol with predefined objectives and inclusion criteria was the basis of an electronic literature search of MEDLINE and EMBASE (time period 1967–2016). The specific inhalation challenge and serial peak flow measu...
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Abstract Environmental aerosolized particulates pose a potential risk to human health worldwide. Among others, high amounts of contaminants are generated especially in newly industrializing countries in the vicinity of industrial manufacturing, mining operations, but also during agricultural and natural processes. As an example of the needed multi-disciplinary diagnostic and differential diagnostic approach, we report a case of a 59-year old industrial worker who has suffered from chronic bronch...
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Magne Bratveit and Rune Djurhuus have removed themselves as authors from this article [1] as they did not approve the final version and they do not agree with the revisions made to the section “Occurrences of intoxications with chemicals used for pest control in transport containers and on bulk cargo ships” and Table 2, including relationships between claimed exposure and health effects and the statement on fatalities related to container opening.
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The WHO has ranked environmental hazardous exposures in the living and working environment among the top risk factors for chronic disease mortality. Worldwide, about 40 million people die each year from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) including cancer, diabetes, and chronic cardiovascular, neurological and lung diseases. The exposure to ambient pollution in the living and working environment is exacerbated by individual susceptibilities and lifestyle-driven factors to produce complex and complic...
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An increasing number of reports describe among others respiratory symptoms in airline crew members correlated to cabin air incidents („fume event“, FE). So far, no consensus exists about the diagnostic approach. Methods: Symptom-related lung function diagnostics as well as blood and urine samples screened for organophosphates (OP) and/or various VOCs were performed. Results: Out of our nearly 300 symptomatic FE patients about 75% reported respiratory symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath a...
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Die vorliegende Leitlinie ist eine Neufassung und Aktualisierung der Leitlinie zur Diagnostik und Therapie von Patienten mit Asthma, welche die bisher fur den deutschen Sprachraum gultige Version aus dem Jahr 2006 ablost. Die Fulle an neuen Erkenntnissen zur Pathophysiologie und zu den Phanotypen von Asthma und das erweiterte Spektrum an diagnostischen und therapeutischen Moglichkeiten bei dieser Erkrankung machte eine Neufassung und Aktualisierung notwendig. Es werden sowohl fur Kinder und Juge...
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