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Hyperhomocysteinemia induces vascular endothelial dysfunction, an early hallmark of atherogenesis. While higher levels of circulating asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and symmetric dimethyl arginine (SDMA), endogenous inhibitors of nitric oxide synthesis, have been associated with increased cardiovascular risk, the role that ADMA and SDMA play in the initiation of hyperhomocysteinemia-induced endothelial dysfunction remains still controversial. In the present study, we studied the changes of c...
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Background: The systemic availability of oral/dietary arginine and its utilization for nitric oxide (NO) synthesis remains unknown and may be related to a competitive hydrolysis of arginine into urea in the splanchnic area and systemic circulation. Objectives: We investigated the kinetics and dose-dependency of dietary arginine utilization for NO compared with urea synthesis and studied the characteristics of the arginine-NO metabolic system in healthy humans. Design: We traced the metabolic fat...
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Energy restriction only slightly influences protein metabolism in obese rats, whatever the level of protein and its source in the diet
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Fractional synthesis rates (FSR) of tissue proteins (P) are usually measured using labeled amino acid (AA) tracer methods over short periods of time under acute, particular conditions. In this work, we developed a new isotopic approach, by combining the long-term and non-steady-state 15N labeling of AA and P tissue fractions with compartmental modeling, in order to investigate the degree of compartmentation of P turnover in tissues and to estimate long-term FSR values under sustained and average...
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Endotoxemia affects intestinal physiology. A decrease of circulating citrulline concentration is considered as a reflection of the intestinal function. Citrulline can be produced in enterocytes notably from glutamate and glutamine. The aim of this work was to determine if glutamate, glutamine and citrulline concentrations in blood, intestine and muscle are decreased by endotoxemia, and if supplementation with glutamate or glutamine can restore normal concentrations. We induced endotoxemia in rat...
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Summary Background & aims Pancreatic exocrine insufficiency (PEI) impairs fat absorption, but few data are available on protein absorption. We investigated this question in patients with chronic pancreatitis, both in the absence and presence of enzyme therapy, using a stable isotope sensitive method. Methods Eleven patients with sustained PEI and regular enzyme substitution were investigated at hospital, after a washout period without enzyme substitution, and later after reintroduction of substi...
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Due to the existence of isotope effects on some metabolic pathways of amino acid and protein metabolism, animal tissues are 15N-enriched relative to their dietary nitrogen sources and this 15N enrichment varies among different tissues and metabolic pools. The magnitude of the tissue-to-diet discrimination (Δ15N) has also been shown to depend on dietary factors. Since dietary protein sources affect amino acid and protein metabolism, we hypothesized that they would impact this discrimination facto...
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The purpose of this work was to examine whether changes in dietary protein levels could elicit differential responses of tissue proteolysis and the pathway involved in this response. In rats fed with a high protein diet (55%) for 14 days, the liver was the main organ where adaptations occurred, characterized by an increased protein pool and a strong, meal-induced inhibition of the protein breakdown rate when compared to the normal protein diet (14%). This was associated with a decrease in the ke...
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The consumption of monosodium glutamate (MSG) is advocated to elicit physiological and metabolic effects, yet these effects have been poorly investigated directly in humans and in particular in the postprandial phase. Thirteen healthy adults were supplemented for 6 days with a nutritional dose of MSG (2 g) or sodium chloride (NaCl) as control, following a crossover design. On the 7th day, they underwent a complete postprandial examination for the 6 h following the ingestion of the same liquid st...
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