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Abstract Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) were generated on several biomaterials from human amniotic fluid in completely xeno-free and feeder-free conditions via the transfection of pluripotent genes using a nonintegrating RNA Sendai virus vector. The effect of xeno-free culture medium on the efficiency of the establishment of human amniotic fluid stem cells from amniotic fluid was evaluated. Subsequently, the effect of cell culture biomaterials on the reprogramming efficiency was i...
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Pancreatic cancer is a highly lethal disease, and most patients remain asymptomatic until the disease enters advanced stages. There is lack of knowledge in the pathogenesis, effective prevention and early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Recently, bacteria were found in pancreatic tissue that has been considered sterile before. The distribution of flora in pancreatic cancer tissue was reported to be different from normal pancreatic tissue. These abnormally distributed bacteria may be the risk fac...
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Abstract The isotopically enriched T 130 e targets of ∼ 1.2 m g / c m 2 thickness were fabricated on 4–6 m g / c m 2 gold ( A u ) backing. The vapor deposition method was employed using the resistive heating technique. To minimize the material consumption and increase the deposition efficiency, an indigenously developed graphite crucible with 1 mm opening was used to deposit T 130 e metal powder at a minimum source to substrate distance of 2 cm. A heat shield was placed at 1 cm above the graphit...
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Abstract In this study, gum of Araucaria heterophylla was collected. The collected gum was subjected for extraction of polysaccharide using solvent extraction system. Thus, extracted polysaccharide was further purified using solvent method and was characterized using UV–Vis spectroscopy, Phenol sulfuric acid assay, FTIR, TGA, TLC and GC–MS. The gum derived polysaccharide was found to have the following sugars Rhamnose, Allose, Glucosinolate, Threose, Idosan, Galactose and Arabinose. The extracte...
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Abstract Commonly, stem cell culture is based on batch-type culture, which is laborious and expensive. We continuously cultured human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) on thermoresponsive dish surfaces, where hPSCs were partially detached on the same thermoresponsive dish by decreasing the temperature of the thermoresponsive dish to be below the lower critical solution temperature for only 30 min. Then, the remaining cells were continuously cultured in fresh culture medium, and the detached stem ce...
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The effect of different cutting parameters used during wire electric discharge machining (WEDM) of P91 steel on the cutting process, microstructure on or under the surface, and the surface finish was examined in this study with a view toward understanding the cutting process fundamentally. The approach used was based on heat transfer modeling and experimental validation of the thermal effects by examining the microstructure and the surface smoothness. The microstructure below the surface was ana...
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Abstract Surface engineering of super paramagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) favor the tagging of any molecule or compound onto it, encapsulating them with a biopolymer make them biocompatible and favor slow release of loaded molecules. Recovery of SPIONs is easier as they obey to external magnetic field. In this study, SPIONS were used for mosquito larvicidal activity after surface engineered with oleic acid to favor the tagging of Cyfluthrin (mosquito larvicidal agent), it was then enc...
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