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The Early Years My interest in locational economics goes back a long way. Indeed, my first major research project in 1952 was to compare the production and transactional costs of UK radio and TV companies wishing to expand their activities in the prosperous South East and Midlands of the UK with those setting up manufacturing affiliates in the so-called less prosperous regions such as Wales, Scotland, and the North of England, which had suffered from high unemployment in the pre-World War II day...
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This note suggests that patterns of international direct investment in manufacturing industry not only tend to follow those of commodity trade, but that, over the years 1965-1975, the intra-industry component of such investment had tended to increase. However, there are only a few countries in the world which are both substantial inward and outward direct investors. Nevertheless, data on outward and inward direct investment assets in five countries over this 10 year period reveal some interestin...
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The paper considers some aspects of the interface between international business - primarily in the guise of the multinational enterprise - and the Governments of the countries which are host to its activities. Furthermore, it takes into account the changing world economic and political scenario. The author outlines why, how and in what ways this interface has been shaped by, or has shaped, the events of the past 25 years, before speculating about the prospects for the remainder of the 20th cent...
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