Peter Vršanský
Russian Academy of Sciences
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Abstract Among insects, 236 families in 18 of 44 orders independently invaded water. We report living amphibiotic cockroaches from tropical streams of UNESCO BR Sumaco, Ecuador. We also describe the first fossil aquatic roach larvae (6 spp.; n = 44, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) from the most diverse tropical Mesozoic sediments (Middle Jurassic Bakhar Fm in Mongolia, Kimmeridgian Karabastau Fm in Kazakhstan; Aptian Crato Fm in Brazil), and the Barremian Lebanese and Cenomanian Myanmar ambers. Tropic-limited oc...
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Batesian mimicry is a relationship in which a harmful organism (the model) is mimicked by a harmless organism (the mimic), which gains protection because predators mistake it for the model. It is the most widely studied of mimicry complexes and has undoubtedly played an important role in the speciation of various animals especially insects. However, little is known about the early evolution of this important behavior and its evolutionary significance owing to a dearth of paleontological records....
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The new, small cavernicolous species Helmablatta louisrothi gen. et sp. n. (Nocticolidae) from the Tan-Phu cave (Vietnam) is one of the most morphologically interesting cockroaches. The extremely modified upstanding tergal gland composite from three tergites and may serve for gripping the female head during copulation. This presumption is supported by the presence of a central big hook on tergite 8. Furthermore, both wing pairs are uncommonly adapted to help releasing sex pheromones without rais...
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FIGURE 3. Male of helmet cockroach Helmablatta louisrothi sp. n. (Holotype Vn 0 6 253) — photos and drawing. a) foreleg—anterior and posterior views; b) midleg—anterior and posterior views; c) hindleg—anterior and posterior views; d) complex of tergal gland—oblique from above view; e) right tegmen; f) right wing. Abbreviations, ante = anterior, post = posterior.
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Viviparity evolved in bacteria, plants, ˃141 vertebrate lineages (ichthyosaurs, lizards, fishes, mammals, and others), and in 11 of 44 insect orders. Live-birth cockroaches preserved with brood sac (3D recovered two times optically) included Diploptera vladimir, Diploptera savba, Diploptera gemini spp.n., D. sp.1–2, and Stegoblatta irmgardgroehni from Green River, Colorado; Quilchena, Republic; McAbee, Canada; and Baltic amber, Russia (49, 54, and 45 Ma). They evolved from rare and newly evolved...
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